Recovery Newsflash...Please Read!

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Congrats Dee! Thanks for all the help and support on SR.
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Congrats Dee!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for your input, it really helps..
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Congrats Dee....
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Don't resist, allow
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Congratulations Dee

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Congratulations, You are AMAZING!!!
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seeking recovery
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Fabulous achievement Dee!!

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An inspiration.

It can be done!
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Absolutely, it can Frank

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Dee, you are the X in Xample. Congratulations on three years.!

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Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! Congrats buddy!!!!!!

Oh, I couldn't help that, ha ha!!!! If you celebrate, hope it's fun however you do it.
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Disposable Hero
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Congratulations Dee!!
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Congratulations, my brother. You are amazing. Love, Jomey
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Congratulations to the main man.
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Glad I checked in here today. Congratulations to one of the crucial members of SR. 3 years!! I remember there was a thread asking people who had "long time" sobriety, without the help of AA, to tell how you did it and I believe you dared to post and you had "only" 2 years or something. LOL! You have always had long time sobriety or at least the wisdom that comes with that. Some people just get it and you are that kind of people. Thanks Dee!
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3 years! thats amazing,
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Snarf Snarf
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Happy Birthday Dee!
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Dee! You da man!!!
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Congratulations, mate Great job! You are are a huge inspiration to us all - thanks so much for your friendship and for your hard work here in SR
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Can believe i missed this!

Late to the party but glad you are here to celebrate!!!

(nobody's perfect )
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Community Greeter
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(I was thinking it was a few days from now...) Congratulations, DEE!!!!

Dee, how can I thank the person who helped save my life? Reading your blunt and honest posts, I've come to see the truth about myself. There've been a few times I've almost caved, but one of the things that stopped me was the dread of having to come clean on here. I knew you'd never be harsh if I failed, but I wanted you to be proud of me. Thank you isn't enough. I hope you know how I feel. Love you, my friend.
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