I want to stay sober

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I want to stay sober

I am an alcoholic. I have had drinking problem for almost 20 years. I am sick of making an ass of myself, embarrassing myself, hurting my friends and family. It is a vicious cycle and I want it to stop. A friend of mine that has been sober for a year used this site as a tool to stay sober. I have tried AA but I do not think it is for me. I am hoping that thru this site I will learn something from reading other peoples stories and by sharing mine help others and myself. I pray that I will stay sober. I do know what next week will be like but I know I will be sober for today and when tomorrow comes hopefully say the same thing.....I need all the help I can get
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Welcome to SR! So glad you decided on a sober life! So glad you joined this loving supportive family.
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Hi sobertimeforme

You'll find a lot of support here - and a lot of ideas.

I hope you find a way, or something, here that speaks to you...look at everything, and then whatever way you decide to go, follow that up with all your might and all your being...if for any reason that doesn't work - start anew with something else...

I think that's the way to do this - it certainly worked for me

We can recover

Here's some links on some recovery programmes for you to look at - it's not comprehensive but it may be a start

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hi sobertime. glad you are here. i have been here for just two days and have received so much support. have you already stopped drinking? how long has it been. use all the resources on here. mainly the posting read read and read some more. you will overwhelmed caring and support available.
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Welcome to SR. I'm a 30 year drunk that got sober using SR. You can too.
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hi sobertime,

i enjoyed reading your post and am encouraged myself to keep taking steps towards new life.

keep up the good work
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Welcome Sobertime

You certainly found the right place. SR has given me the encouragement and support I needed to stay sober. I am sure it will help you, too! Read the threads, lots of info and inspiration that will help you in the following days.

Good luck!
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There is always hope and if you look around here, you will find lots of inspiration.

I hope you keep reading and posting.
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Welcome sobertime, Your friend is so right about this site, I to use it for a tool and it has
helped me so much in my recovery. I'm a 30 year drunk and have been sober for a little over 1 year now and i never thought my life could be this GOOD, it can be done. In my earlier recovery I read everthing I could get my hands on about alcoholism, Knowledge help me stay sober, and a good book to read is Under The Influence by Dr James R Milam and Katherine Ketcham, this is a must to read, it will explained why the brain and body no longer processed alcohol correctly.

Good luck on your Journey
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Thank you very much - that was very helpful!
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