TOPIC: U & Drug/Alcohol. 2 Magnets

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Hi Im Sharon and Im an Alcoholic.

By the grace of my HP and wonderful
supporting people like you here in
SR. I havent found it necessary to
pick up a drink of "POISON" since

For that and u I am truely grateful.

Hold 2 magnets up together and feel
the energy being drawn together by
the two. It's so strong that they clang
together, grabing each other together

Try pulling them apart. Hard isnt it.

Drugs/alcohol is one magnet and u
are the other. U feel the pull of it.
It's pulling ur weakness towards it.

You are bound so tight against it
that it takes everything u have to
pull away from it.

Recovery, steps, meetings, faith,
suggestions, principles, AA/NA tools
are all positive things to keep u away
from that negative force that continues
to pull u in.

It's a shield or the other magnet that
can not attach to it.

It pushes u or it away.

Does that make sense?

Im not too good when it comes
to negatives and positives. Like
when ur battery dies and u have to
connect the cables....if i did it myself
id blow up the car or shock

So what ever clamps to sit on the
battery to help it start is the right
tools to use for ur recovery. To crank
up ur dead battery or body and get
it running smoothly again.

Just a thought.

If u can explain it better or simplier
than i have then go for it......
I dont mind. I try to keep analogies
simple if i can.
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