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Still sober.

Feeling great today. Full of clarity and strength and just had a great share at a meeting in the city! Scraped my car and the traffic was a bit of a nightmare! lol, but who cares? I'm sober and buzzing about it.

To the newcomers, whatever happens don't pick up 'just for today'. With that you can build and heal, without that then you're stuck in the same depressing cycle when the booze/drugs wear off.

Keep The Faith
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i don't visit as often as i should but i've just read all of this, neo. i'm mostly sober these days; pleased with my efforts so far.

this boredom you speak of. i can relate. i think my boredom can also be equated to lonliness and lack of social stimulation. we have to reach out in our recovery. even just two days off from work and i go nuts and can't wait to get back to work to see everybody. i'm lucky that my co-workers are all vibrant and fun!

i am involved in mosaics and jewelry making and love both, but i still get bored so very easily. this is just the way i am! i have to accept myself this way and fight to keep myself stimulated and busy. my attention span is that of a little puppy!

i think some of this mental and emotional anquish we feel has to do with underlying mood disorders that need treatment outside of AA, but could also benefit from AA.

i must say, for you, thank goodness you are fighting this at such a young age. i wish i had. you can only imagine how much pain you are sparing yourself. and yes, i know, it doesn't seem fair. i'm a bartender and i watch people who can come in and have a few glasses of wine with a friend and stay calm and have a good conversation and leave and go home and get up and go to work the next day. i resent it.....i wish i could do the same thing. but i know that even just two glasses of wine will make me feel bad THE ENTIRE NEXT DAY! everybody's different.
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