Finding a new 'edge'

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to bad your not in santa barbara Laura, our local alano club has dances all the time and could use some fresh meat on the floor.

I'm no polyanna sober, far too butch I guess, but drinking DID allow me to behave in a manner I never would have otherwise. At first I thought I missed that alter ego until i realized, this sh!t I'm doing now is the REAL me. The other stuff wasn't, or I would do it sober.

So what I try and do now, is get to know and love this new chick in the mirror. Rather than miss that skanky, loud, rough rider I used to morph into, I'm going to get comfortable being in this skin.

Been having some bumps lately. Learning how to live through sad and lonely without tuning out, but man, I'm doing it! I figure next time I will know how even better right?

It's hard to resist the impulse to run from the less fun parts of this funky life, but I guess being a drunk wasn't all that fun lots of the time either, and at least sober I can get through this stuff with my head held high and skip all of the shame and remorse.

Let us know how the hip hop classes go
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Thanks GypsyFeet. Such great advice all around Will keep you posted on the hip hop.
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