told by MD I couldn't just stop cold turkey

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CC (can I call you that instead of the full name or Corn?), I think that sounds like a good spell during part of today. I mean looking into what meetings exist around there and the bike ride part. I know people usually love the lakefront there.

I noticed the psychiatrist mention further up, and I am sure that would have been a frustrating runaround. I think somebody already asked you whether you had any options as far as getting another GP? You make him sound like he is not clueing in to you very much, or maybe you just associate him with an unpleasant topic and that comes through. I don't know.

Well, I hope the next few days are going to feel productive, with the new apt search and the weekend visit. I don't feel like I have lots of confidence in being helpful toward you ("what do I know?"), but I think it would be nice if you made yourself feel like you were making progress by setting aside the huge mountains to climb and just put small blocks on top of one another. I notice that you write with a lot of parentheses (more than MOI!) and for some reason that indicates to me that you don't give yourself much of a chance, like you could go further at being happy with recovery results. Just a wild guess, sorry if that is a lame observation.
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Just wanted to wish you the best with what you decide to do with your sobriety and recovery. I remember when I was in the mess of addiction, I really did think I was different, more tortured.. more screwed up, more deserving of the next drink/drug because of xyz while i killed myself trying to find a magic way to get sober. I know how that feels, but I also know now that I wasn't different, or more tortured, or less fortunate. I was being lazy, narrow minded and most importantly I wasn't ready to quit yet. Good luck, I hope the doc appts and meetings help you.

I personally found Prentiss' book to be a great help in my recovery, it's interesting to me how different we all are, how we approach this stuff all with one goal.

I wish you well!
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Friend of Bill W.
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Hey Corn. Glad to see you today! Have you considered talking to your father in law about his experience? He must be doing something right to have 25 years...

Just food for thought. Hang in there!
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Maybe just a thought, but instead of seeing a psychiatrist you may consider a therapist. I saw an addiction therapist and she was wonderful. It was face to face venting so to say and it really helped at the time.
I am worried about your depression though and hope you are getting help with that.
As for people telling you that we know how you feel: If you have a moment find my thread 03/19/2006 (should have been 2007, but I lost a few braincells during my drinking years ). I posted it last week (on the 19th actually - doh) and it might help you understand where we/I come from.
Keep posting.
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Corn, did things start looking up in the last week, like with apartment stuff, for example? Or any change in some of the other things you were talking about?
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unfortunately, I had a grand mal seizure on Friday and another one on Monday my time has been absorbed with dealing with that.....
I couldn't find a psychiatrist who would take me (without my attending their expensive rehab facility).....or they were not taking new patients....or only private pay patients.....and so....I am going to try again when I get past the 2 weeks of "LSD Brain" that I get after a major seizure.....

I am running late for work...but I can 100% tell you...I tire of this alcoholic much so I even poured the rest of my beer down the drain yesterday after work and ended up only drinking one beer.......

Ya'll have a great one!
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I hope that you find the help that you need.
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Sorry you've been having a hard time - take care of yrself - I too hope you find the help you need CC.

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Originally Posted by Cornczech View Post
Hello again, Ya'll!!

I went to see my GP yesterday to get my liver checked, (plus he ran a couple of other tests when I told him I had relapsed and was just off a week long binge), and he told me it would not be safe for me to just stop cold turkey, especially with my new seizure history. Unfortunately, I drank a six-pack of beer and started to puke after the last beer. I felt like $hiiiite and still do, (the ol' stomach lets me know she's there almost very day now....). I had such BIG hopes for stoppping cold turkey....but now I am unsure how to "cut back" without causing a seizure, (sometimes I think GP's are useless except to say, "Hmmmmm....I'm not sure what's causing that (insert symptom)!!). I know I MUST stop, even if my tests all come back normal. The doctor almost even smirked at me when I told him how much and what I drank, (beer and between 4 to 6 on NON-binge weeks....only on the days I have off...Monday and Wednesdays...and then 2 to 3 on days I work.....and not on weekends....(I used to drink until I blacked out on weekends and drank 8 beers every single day...before I went to rehab last year...)
Anyhow...anyone ever done the slowly stopping drinking route? How does one "cut back" until one is out of the "danger zone" of getting seizures? I CANNOT afford to miss work and go into detox and I WILL NOT return to a rehab facility. I found a meeting, (non-AA) on Thursdays....but I have yet to attend one....
I work today, so I won't be able to read anything until I get back tonight....
I am SO nervous about this whole ordeal....I have been 3 months without a seizure but I have a sinking suspicion that this is because I have been drinking a LOT more since January....and this may be why I stopped having the monthly seizure around the full moon......waking up with ones tongue half bitten off with your husband looking at you like you grew an extra head....THAT'S not fun AT ALL....

Peace ya'll d(-_-)b
I take it you've been through rehab?
I'm assuming the rehab was alcohol free?
Did you have any seizers during this time frame?
One more question,...are you in a position to get another opinion from another doctor?
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