Sleepless in Denver

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Sleepless in Denver

Hi Everyone!!

I have only been sober for 2 days...and plan to NEVER drink again, after the pukefest I had when I stopped!! Feeling a bit better now, but I am having really huge problems sleeping. Any tips? Or do I just have to ride it out???

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Hi Happycamper

Welcome to SR
I think it's normal to have at elast a few days disruption to sleep - especially if you've been drinking for a while. I used to have trouble for a week or so before I got any 'normal sleep' - some people have shorter periods of readjustment, others longer.

No harm in seeing a Dr though if it goes on for too long or if you feel concerned.

Good for you in making the wise choice to stop
Hope to see you around some more

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Drink plenty of fluids, water especially, take a multivitamin & a B Complex, & try to get a bit of exercise 2 or more hours BEFORE you go to bed.

Sleep will come eventually, as Dee said, for some it comes in no time, others may suffer long term insomnia, but sticking with sobriety is so worth the initial lack of sleep.

As Dee also said, see a doctor & I will add be HONEST with the Dr.!!!!
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your sleep problem is certainly normal and I remember when I first got sober it drove me crazy.

so hang in there and ride it out.
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Thank you all for your replies!!!! I got 3 hours of sleep tonight!! Thats the most I have had, so I am happy! Taking a mental health day from work, so hopefully I am able to nap on the couch I woke up this morning with my stomach ACTUALLY growling!! Can't wait to eat something little...haven't eaten in days!!
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We have an insomnia forum. Here are some tips to deal with it.
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Once I got all the alcohol out of my system, I slept better than I had in years! Here I thought I was drinking to "help me sleep" (among other excuses lol). Hang in there, and take care of yourself.

I'm in Denver too.. how are you liking this weather!?? Maybe take a short walk.. as cheesy as it sounds, the fresh air seriously provides some good therapy!

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I'm glad you found us and that you've gotten lots of good tips here.
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