90 Days today!!!

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Living in the moment!
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Smile 90 Days today!!!

Just feeling better as each day goes by! I am still questioning everything in my life but I think that is part of the process!! Thanks for all the support!!
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Awesome job! 90 days is so far off right now it's hard to imagine. Be proud of yourself! And now make it 91!
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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90 days is great InsideOut

I think a certain amount of reevaluation is unavoidable - just remember to focus on the now

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Congrats on 90 days! Keep it up, it just keeps gettin' better
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Great way to go Inside. Congratulations on your perserverance. (:
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Congratulations, Insideout! 90 days is an amazing milestone! I've found that every day spent in a life of recovery is an opportunity to look forward to who we can become.

I think it was Thomas Jefferson who said, If we did what we are truly capable of, we would astound ourselves.

(I'm in an attachment-happy mode today for sobriety congrats pics, but the internet isn't letting me put anything here - maybe a sign?? lol) So, I'll just say Way to go!!
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Congrats on 90!!
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Nice one on 90!!
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RIP Maria
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Whooooo Hooooo and a giddy up and go out for a movie night on your 90 day celebration. I'm so thrilled to hear you got three months under the sand pile. I know your home town won't even know you when you get back. I know my family is just thrilled I got off the opiates.

It's been a wild ride we were on, but it's nice to come down to earth again. Things are so much more peaceful on the non-searching side of life for the next drink or fix.

Hang in there on all the other stuff you are dealing with. Time will get you thru it. Cuddle up with your four legged friend and read one of your good books you have going.

Take a calm breath and relax for goodness sakes.
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That is super fantastic, Inside - Congratulations on 90 days!!!!!
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bona fido dog-lover
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Ninety days is awesome!! I too question everything in my life, but Dee's advice about living in the now is right on.
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