8 days! YES!!

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Talking 8 days! YES!!

Woo, just wanted to share my accomplishment with y'all! The support this forum offers has been invaluable so far. It's so scary to think "I will never drink again." I guess that's why they say one day at a time, right? At this point, my mind is beginning to clear and my body feels a little bit better. My place is still trashed from a long time of booze related neglect, my friends are still wary, and I still have a lot of work to do but I am excited about the future.
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8 days is an awesome accomplishment! Congratulations!

All those one days at a time make for longer term sobriety that turns into a life in recovery if we continue working on it. Way to go!

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Great job! I'm a couple days behind you, and I've also felt the daunting prospect of "never drinking again forever and ever." I thought about occasions in the future, like my wedding, or a graduation, where I may want to drink, and then I think, "Will I be able to do it?"

But then I realize I can't even think about things that haven't happened yet. I'm gonna make sure that when my head hits the pillow tonight no booze has touched these lips since I woke up. And tomorrow, I'm gonna do the exact same thing.

Keep up the good work!
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Eight days is wonderful! A great start! And yes, one day at a time will do very nicely. AFter alll, that's all we get at once, isn't it? One day at a time.
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Wooohooo! I'm on day 9 now, so I'm right there with you. Let's do this together!
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Good for you!

Take it slow and you will get your house in order.
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Great. Awesome job!
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Don't say you'll never drink again. Just say, you won't drink right now.....tomorrow, maybe, but not right now.

Glad you are here!
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SoFar, I'm happy to read that!

I have a few photographs (which I won't share, ha ha) to remind me of "booze-related neglect." It looked like a cyclone had been through my place (again), and I was a relief team of one.
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Congratulations on 8 days SSF!

The one day at a time thing really works - the only day you can do anything about is today - yesterdays gone and tomorrows not here yet - just go with that...

pretty soon you'll just your life
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