Feeling a little Crazy

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Feeling a little Crazy

At almost 8 months of not having a drink, I have come to view many of the behaviors of those close to me (who drink to excess frequently; my girlfriend included) as really irrational and crazy. I weather the storm and know that they will return to normal. The only thing is that occasionally I feel like I'm the crazy one. Any one have any similar experiences?
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Not really similar, cause I did my drinking at home alone, but it DOES sometimes make me feel a little 'crazy' just because I feel so good being clear headed and not sick all the time.
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Anytime alcohol is involved, crazy is usually the end result.

Just think about you. Just for right now.
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Not sure what you mean EW...

I look at some of my old childhood mates (stoners) and I love them, but I could never live like that now...I never feel I'm crazy for that tho LOL

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Dunno, not my inventory to take. Shhhhhhhh.

For the last few weeks I've been going to work every day with someone who's active in their addictions and closing down a viable business because they feel it's the solution to their problems. It's insane. I'm the last one left, the rest of our employees bailed out. My days are numbered, and part of me is really looking foward to being done with this place, I can't stand the mental instability I'm witnessing. But I do understand it though, that was me 5 years ago.

I'm grateful to have the awareness of toxic behavior, and to know that it's a life I never want to return to living.
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i know what you mean. i will have a year clean in july and the more clean i have gotten, the more clear it is to me how "clean" some of the people closest to me are not lol. including my family members. even though im a recovering addict, i stopped drinking as well because i would rather be safe than sorry. two nights ago my older sister was drinking a very tall glass of scotch. after drinking a very tall glass of red wine. after drinking three beers. that's a pretty small amount for her. then there's my brother who drives high and is now facing expulsion from college because he got caught with pot. i realize i made this post about my family. my point was to show you that if you're clean, that means that part of your brain and your heart are clean too. which means they are better now at alerting you than they were before. listen to them. you are not crazy, you are clean
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