30 Year Drunk, 90 Days Sober

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It IS a big deal! A big congrats to you!
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90 days is huge. Congrats.
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Nice one Jim. Good on yer mate. Looks like you're well on your way.
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You deserve a parade!
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Follow Directions!
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Well better late then never, congrats on 92 days!!!
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My thanks to all of you who posted replies, things are certainly a little livlier out of the men's room! So I'm steaming towards 100 days of sobriety and all of a sudden I don't don't feel like the new boy any more.
I dropped my car in for service today and continued on to work on my bicycle. Sun was out, birds were singing, ocean was blue, temperature was about 65, heading for 85. Nothing unusual in that for a Perth late summer morning. BUT, I didn't have a hangover. And that's a first for me, to ride in and actually enjoy it, I wasn't cussing at motorists or pedestrians, I wasn't hoping for it to be over, and I didn't mind that the rail crossings were all closed for repairs making me ride all the way into Fremantle just to get back to our offices, it was all just OK for once. Odd that a clear head lets you see things differntly isn't it? Good luck to you all, thanks for looking. Jim
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things are certainly a little livlier out of the men's room!
We're blokes, Jim...we don't talk much :rotfxko
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