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And boy was it a stressful one! So, now I'm kicked back with a Pepsi and a bag of Girl Scout cookies. Think I'll visit with my SR friends....and then it just may be a sit on my butt watching t.v. night.

What's going on where you are?
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Hi coffeenut,

Sounds like a good plan, love watching movies.

I am going to an AA meeting in a cool area in my city (first time to attend this meeting), should be interesting. After that I am meeting up with my girlfriend to go for dinner somewhere, then go for a nice walk.

Happy Friday SR peeps
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bona fido dog-lover
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I'm just on the forum, as mostly always, and taking it easy tonight. Been a very stressful week but I didn't drink, didn't even want to drink! By George, I think she's got it!
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My best friend is coming up to my house for the weekend with her 2 kids, ages 5 and 4.

"God grant me the serenity..." LoL
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I am going to sit back and watch TV with a cup of tea, no sugar, and some vegetable pieces.
I would prefer a pepsi and cookies but I am doing a fitness challenge and it is not on my list of allowable snacks.
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Hi,Coffeenut, girl scout cookies..Hmmm sound good never heard of...sure havin stopped eating all week..wit not drinkin..hopin to put some weight that strict..dietry an drinkin regime...your monastery material.., me just about to crash..11.45pm. gotta an extra shift the morn..up at 6.00
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same planet...different world
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I'm at work.
GOtta LOVE a job where you can do your sork,
but sit on the computer too.

Coffee - I'm so glad youre relaxing
so much better than LAST weekend for sure.
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Me and the cats are relaxing by the fire.

I'm reading the latest James Patterson novel and checking in at SR.
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Drinking some sleepytime tea and checking the forums. Friday nights start out hard -- no more happy hour for me! -- but get easy once it's past 7 pm. Took the dogs for a walk, removing myself from the situation. All is well.
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And, the best thing about curling up with a Pepsi on Friday a sober Saturday! As I popped out of bed this a.m......I actually had that thought!

Have a GREAT weekend, all!

Kerb: Girl Scout cookies are way overpriced cookies that are sold door to door by Girl Scouts....and they are Awesome....specially a new Lemonade one. Yum!
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Thanks for that coffee...Could do with them girlscouts poppin round my door..Hmm with a few cookies...thats cool..want any cookies round here its a few mile run to the store..Not long finished work had a couple of NA,beers..sat/sun for me is 2 days of bad triggers an cravins..gonna hold firm busy up bigtime...Maybe throw on a straight jacket on an ask my wife te spoonfeed me till mon morn..HaHa..jus for my first tough weekend...
Have a nice sat all...
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