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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Hi Bob.....
Here is part of my journey...shared with the hope it helps
you and anyone reading.

When I say I was in AA for 4 years before I quit...
I was attending meetings....a few weeks or months during
those years. Some stretches of sobriety here and there.

I was not interested in Step work...nor did I begin it.
Perhaps I should have followed the program directions?

Anyway....after reading "Under The Inflence" by Milam & Ketcham
I understood why I kept returning to drinking.
My brain and body had lost the abiltiy to process alcohol correctly.

I re-connected to the God of my childhood....back to AA I flew
By starting step work....I shifted from shakey sometimes sobriety
into solid AA recovery.

Thus I began my fantastic new life's awesome!
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Ok after nearly 500 posts, it's time to draw this part of the thread to a close - you guys are an an active group!

Join in Part 2 over in our Daily Support Forum here:

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