Rusty Zipper Celebrates 7 Years of Sobriety

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What an inspiration to us newbies!
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congradulatiions know, i've wondered....what is the significance of "rusty zipper".....celebate? !!
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I already did this, but once more for love: Thank you Rusty for being there to inspire and encourage us newcomers on the road to recovery! You're a true friend and a treasure to know. Love ya!!
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and thank you.
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freakin thanks baaaaaaaaaaabs!

never late kevbro

everything it is astro

i dont know about proud road, grateful, hell yeah!

fands, i have another month coming with you!, sheesh! lol

queeny, whine on, and long live the spirit! mucho hugs to you

what is the significance of "rusty zipper".....celebate?

as i slid down into the abyss of my alcoholism, i couldn't afford the top shelf stuff,

was so broke, had to drink the bottom of the barrel beer,

peed a hell of a lot.

when i started recovery, my grand sponsor gave me a book to read,

"The Dark Night of recovery"

not all doom and gloom as the title may imply.

in that book, there was a AA group called the "Rusty Zipper Group"

Wah-La, my sober sites name!

least, i'll take it,

after seven years, it's still about MORE!!!
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Thumbs up protect us from the 'rats' life..

..your a good doubt about,that...
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Thank you for all that you do. Congratulations on 7 years!!
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Ahhhhhhh Bro' years....


I am am so freakin' proud of you...and love you so very much!

You were an inspiration from the get go, have been, and me, all here,
and in the rooms of AA.

Again..congrats Sir P.

Your Sis
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