Rusty Zipper Celebrates 7 Years of Sobriety

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Congrats unk!
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What an awesome achievement, RZ...Congratulations!

Your words are thought-provoking and inspirational. Thank you!

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Congrats Dear Pattee!!!
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Fantastic Rusty!!

7 years is awesome!!
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Zip! I am so jazzed to have the chance to celebrate your seven years with you, I brung some friends to help me!! (couldn't find Dave Liebman's Goli Dance on youtube, darn it)

Happy Birthday!!!

You are a wonderfully seasoned part of this board and I thank you for what you bring each time you come.. hugs
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COgrats RZ!!!!
You have always been there for me. And I am so happy to have had the priveldge of knowing you and being a part of your recvery as well as you mine.
You always know how to make someone feel better.
And keep it simple and light. Rule 62. You truly live by it.

You are a true inspiration to all.
Love and hugs my friend.
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We all love you..

..this guy too...your friend...ozy..

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I read this before I went to work this morning....made my day. 7 years is Awesome!
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Congrats Zippy on seven years! You are an inspiration to me too and I love trailing along behind you on the gratitude forum every morning!

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first off thank you dear Bee!

i thank you all from the bottom of my childlike, grandiose, and emotionaly sensitive heart!

what a day of reflection it has been.

looking back on that day of hell over seven years ago, its still fresh in my memory, as if it were yesterday.

and damm grateful for it too.

what a roade seven years has been, life, death, a rotting out mouth, financial woes, and thats an understatement, and much much more, sheesh!

one of the things that kept me going foward was a thing called hope!

and if i can give just one person that in the same, my job has been well done.

we talk of the connection.

driving around this morning, for some reason Aysha (trish) came into my mind.

my plan (i hear you laughing G) was to come on here tonight, and take a gander if she was around.

and wa-lah!, POOF, she appeared!

if your ass falls off, put it in a wheelbarrow and bring it to a meeting, or whatever recovery program you do,

yep aunt dee,

even aunt tillies!

all good wishes, and keep giving that love

ps, the other trish (miracle)

grateful you shoved that big book up my ass!

and i know you are celebrating along here with us

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same planet...different world
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Happy freakin birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for all the support and laughter
that's helped me stay sober !!!!

May we be here in another seven
laughing about how primitive
the old 'typing internet' used to be !!!!!
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Late Rusty! but so very grateful to have you here thanks for the love the support and all the help over the years.

I hope you had a great day

I Love you ((((((((Rusty))))))))
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Sowwy eye izz layte Pattee!!

Congrats on 7 years and thank you for sharing everything!
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7 Years!! I've always been encouraged by your post Rusty Thanks!! Be proud of yourself you deserve it!! CONGRATS
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Hey RZ!!! you done good!!! thanks for all your wisdom,support and friendship through my first's people like you who make a real are a real nice person. ****{hugs}}}}
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Congrats!!!! I remember on May 31, 2004, you were on this site and helped me a lot by reading your posts. I guess we really are all in this together!
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Way to go, RZ! Thanks for all you share here....congratulations! Love, Jomey
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Nice one on 7 Years!!

Peace Out.
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Wow, how did I miss this???

Pattee, you have inspired me on days when I needed a jolt,
you have brought me smiles when I was Miss Crankypants,
you have touched my heart and shared your light
and are an important part of my recovery.

Congratulations, Zipperman, and thank you for all you bring to SR and to this whining Codie.
I KNOW Trish/Miracle is watching, I feel her presence here every single day.

Love you, Pattee. You make us all proud.

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