Tomorrow is 90 Days!!!

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Tomorrow is 90 Days!!!

Hello all! I am hitting what I never thought possible. I am so grateful for your support and fellowship on this board. Without the people here sharing their most personal experiences with and around alcohol, I would not have been able to have the "evidence" I was so desperately seeking to figure out if I really had a problem or not. Of course, I always knew on some level that I did...but before I found this board, the part of my brain that knew something was wrong was always struggling against the part of my brain that kept assuring me everything was just fine, under control, after all, everyone's drinking like this, aren't they?

Since I've stopped drinking, I've realized:
  • Most people absolutely did not drink like I did.
  • I can have fun and laugh, really laugh, without alcohol.
  • I can play and be silly without alcohol.
  • I couldn't do it totally alone. I needed SR to give me the perspective and insight that I sorely lacked.
  • The people closest to me didn't think I was weak for admitting I had a problem, but admired me and called me "strong" for finally dealing with it.
  • Who my real friends are...which has helped me to weed out the people who treated me badly, and made me feel like a stranger in my own skin.
  • That I could feel much physically better than I ever imagined.
  • That I don't hate myself anymore.
All of these things have given me a measure of peace. Although still so new to sobriety, I feel like I'm light years away from where I was on day 1. I find that a whole week goes by, and I don't even think about alcohol. I mean, it doesn't even cross my mind. I am finding other ways to have fun, joy and fulfilment. On the weekends, I do think about it, as I cannot help but think about where I would've normally been in my drinking cycle. I think it all through, and am so grateful that I made the decision to quit. I do so many things now on the weekends, and REMEMBER THEM ALL.

Here's what it used to look like...Friday night - hammered. Saturday a.m. - hungover. Saturday afternoon - start drinking until the wee hours of Sunday morning...completely obliterated. Drink Sunday to make the hangover less painful. Maybe get drunk again, drink until about 5, get hammered, go to bed around 9, wake up at 4 a.m. Monday morning with a racing heart, and anxiety so bad, it was nearly unbearable. Get ready for work Monday a.m., physically exhausted and mentally full of self-loathing. Drag all through the day hungover. OMG - I can't believe I had time for this. I'm getting tired just writing all of this...much less having lived it.

For those out there suffering still - stay strong, you can do it. You CAN. And the rewards just keep coming. Clarity of mind, peace, self-respect. It all can be yours again. You're still in there, and you're worth it.

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...wonderful news..congrats...ozy...
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Congrats, and very well put.
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Congrats on 90 days, that is awesome. Great post, sounds just like me except it was every night with some pills. What we we thinking??? My 90 days is comming up and never thought it would come soon enough. You are right there is nothing better than being sober.
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Thanks for another great post HS...
and congratulations on your 90 days - I love a success story

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Congratulations on your 90 days!!! I am right behind you, my friend!!

I loved your post, I am feeling so much of the same things going on!!

Humble, you have also been such a light in my recovery......thanks for being here!! We can do this together!!

Sending love and hugzzzzz
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congrats on your sober time! Three months is awesome! Thank you for the inspiring post. I too love success stories!
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Congrats on 90 days! I could've written that post, it pretty much sums up my (former) drinking pattern. Looking back, it WAS exhausting just to keep it wonder I was such a mess! Sobriety is so much more relaxing
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Well you have 90 days now, awesome post! Congrats!
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Congrats on your 90 days! I celebrate 90 days tomorrow(saturday).
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Congrats!!! Keek it Rockin'!
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Ninety days is a big milestone, and what a great post humblestudent!
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nice post. and well done.
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Congratulations. Great post. I love to hear folks movin forward.
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Awesome achievement, HS! Congratulations ~
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this post made me smile. congratulations on 3 months!! i've never spoken with you but still, i am so happy that you are finding peace and more in your sobriety
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congradulations. Keep it up.
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Great job humblestudent 7 What a great post for your 90 day milestone.

Keep up the great work & soon you might have to change your name to humbleteacher.

All of the best in your continued sobriety

Take Care,

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90 days, awesome!! That felt like my major milestone and I really was proud of that one!!

Thanks for a great 'humble' post too!

Peace Out.
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90 days! I remember really feeling great about then! Awesome!
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