5 days and still going

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5 days and still going

Just wanted to thank everyone on this site. I have been sober and not had a drink in 5 days. Doesnt sound like a lot for some, but for me it is. I am used to drinking 8- 12 beers a night along with some shots. I finally realized on Saturday night that it needed to stop.
I am greatful for everyone here. I have learned a good bit by reading different threads and seeing im not the only one and people have similar situations like me.
Thanks again. Have a good night.

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Unit - 5 days absolutely sounds like a great achievement to me. Each day counts. And those days add up! Good for you that you've made this positive decision. When I was at five days, I wasn't sure I could trust myself to make it. But so far, so good, one day at a time...

Do you have a plan in case the urge to drink comes over you on the weekend, etc.?
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Congrats on yr 5 days Unit.

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Welcome to SR.........Congratulations on day 5......that is awesome!! Keep coming back to SR, the support is wonderful and has helped me make it to day 85!! I never thought I could do it but talking with folks that share my struggles, cravings and celebrate my small victories means so much!!

Keep on keeping on!!!

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Well it is day 6 now, congrats, one day is an achievement for an alcoholic & one day at a time is the best way to stay sober.
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One day builds to another, one day at a time... Congratulations! The first days are the hardest.
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Congrats on 5 days! Those first sober days are still very fresh in my mind. At first, the weekends were always the hardest as that's when I really let the beer I don't miss it at all. Stay close to SR and best of luck on your sober journey.
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Great job on 5 days, unit! Keep up the good work!!
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Hi unit---welcome and what great news--5 days is a huge accomplishment. both times getting sober--in the past and now, every day is a big milestone! Keep it up and keep sharing your tremendous progress, it's an inspiration to us all!!

oops--it's day six today!! even better!

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That's great, good for you!
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I think the first week or so is the hardest. Congrats on nearly a week sober!
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Thank you all for the support. It is really helping me get through my struggles. There is no plan in place for a temptation for the weekend, but last night I did hang out at my friends local establishment and didnt have any urge to drink there. I drank water all night. So im hoping that is how the weekend will be wheather I am golfing or fishing. Thanks again for the support. I really appreciate it!!
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Congratulations! Weekends were hard for me in the beginning. I'm not sure why because I drank during the week also. Odd! I now look forward to the weekends because its time with husband and son and doing fun things. Chains are off and no longer do I have to be a prisoner to the bottle.

You can continue to do it! Post here if you get an urge.
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Hey unit.. me and you both stopped last saturday.. Congrats!
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Originally Posted by humblestudent View Post
Do you have a plan in case the urge to drink comes over you on the weekend, etc.?
I need to make a plan like this. It sounds like a very good idea. What might such a plan include? Is it just a list of phone numbers to call for support, or is there more to it?
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