I slipped on day 11

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I slipped on day 11

I drank a pint of vodka last night, I am not going to make excuses why I did it or beat myself up over it. It was a dumb decision and I am going to move past it and continiue to focus on staying sober. Today is new day, In my mind I am starting day 11 over again, kinda like the movie Groundhog Day. lol
I know what I did wrong yesterday and not going to do it again today
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In the past, after my many relapses, I was often told to 'do something different' for my recovery as what I 'was' doing wasn't working if I relapsed. So I can only tell you - do something different, try something else. Not going to AA? Give it a good try. Are you able to get counseling? If so, give it a shot. Try a method you haven't tried before.

And don't beat yourself up, but forgive yourself for your lapse, learn from it, and move forward again.

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Do not be hard on yourself. Be patient with yourself. But do try something new...because when you do the same thing, you get the same results. Glad you are moving on. Today is a new day. And today is what matters.
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What Least said!!!
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Originally Posted by igottobesober View Post
It was a dumb decision
Feel free to disregard everything I'm saying. It's just my experience.

For a couple of years, I would fall off the wagon and return to drinking after a few months of abstinence. It always 'seemed' to me like I was making the decision to do that, or that circumstances or situations put me in that position to pick up that drink. I held fast to this delusion that I knew what I did wrong, and I would manage better next time. I never made much progress with quitting for good and all. Just got more beat down and demoralized.

Real, lasting, quality sobriety started for me with the shattering of that delusion. Even though it 'seemed' like bad choices or bad decisions on my part, I had to accept the fact that I always ended up drinking. That was the fact I couldn't ignore. I could decide not to all I wanted, and I could really mean it. The problem was, I couldn't manage that decision.

When I accepted that I was going to keep drinking in spite of my decisions not to, I began the greatest journey of my life into lasting sobriety as the result of a spiritual awakening from AA's 12 Steps. I've since seen that same journey change the lives of many others.
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