Hookah Bars?? K2?? Anyone know what it is??

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Question Hookah Bars?? K2?? Anyone know what it is??

What it does? Curious for any information you may have. I am at work, heard someone is smoking it, some kind of new hookah, street drug?

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The only thing I know about 'hookah' is that I've always thought it was a water pipe for (pot) smokers. It's the name of the pipe the catterpillar was smoking in Alice In Wonderland. Do'nt know what it means now, and don't know what K2 is either. I don't get out much these days...
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Me too Least. The song "Go Ask Alice" by the Jefferson Airplane is going through my head right now. And I thought K2 was a mountain. I just asked a friend who thinks it's synthetic weed.
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I pulled a couple of posts on this in substance abuse. As far as I know, it's synthetic marijuana - and the legal side of it hasn't really caught up yet.

All indications are it gets you high so I'm not interested - and with all due respect, I cant imagine why anyone else here would be either.

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I think K2 is also called spice? It's kind of like incense, and we had 2 kids in Atlanta that were admitted to the hospital for brain swelling after smoking it From what I've read, it IS synthetic marijuana.

I just asked my 16-year-old niece, and for once, she didn't wasn't familiar with "K2" or "spice"...amazing. She's usually the best source I have for the "new" stuff out there

Hugs and prayers!

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Actually, I'm interested. My 17 year old has told me about hookahs at party's, and I know parents who know their kids have hookahs. I thought they were an innocent pipe and used to inhale a harmless herb. Guess I need to question the boy when he gets home and get with the times!
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A hooka is a specific kind of water pipe. While it is used to smoke marajuana, traditionally it is used in Turkey to smoke tobacco in a group setting. The tobacco is generally flavored.

As far as K2 goes, Impurrfect had it right. It is a type of incense, labeled "not for smoking" but clearly sold for that reason. You can find it on any number of internet sites and it reportedly gives you a high similar to pot.

As a hard core stoner (10 months clean!!) when I first heard about this I went to try to find some. It wasn't hard. It's pretty expensive, similarly priced to decent quality marajuana, but is legal (at this point) when sold as inscense. I was tempted for a moment, but managed to catch myself before trying it.

With the internet, there is always some kind of new "legal" substance to use to get high. Because there is little to no regulation of "herbal remadys" it alarming easy to get a hold of this stuff. There are also synthetic versions of various other drugs that are unregulated because the stuff comes out so quickly the government can't act quickly enough. This make none of this any less dangerous.

That's about all I got on this. Bottom line is, getting high is getting high. It is never healthy or good for you. It can cause varying degrees of harm, but it will always harm in some way. Hope this helps. Take care.
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one of the posts about it was mine. I tossed it out there a while back. Not sure what state it was but, they are working to make against the law

There can be a real bad reaction to this drug !!!!!!!!
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Yes, Hookah bars are becoming a thing - It's tobacco.
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Always thuoght was a pickup joint but Hey..No expert in this Feild...
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K2 is a synthetic form of marijuana. Some people compare the effects of K2 to marijuana. Right now the drug is legal in the United States, but some states are trying to pass bills to ban the drug. It is sold in head shops as incense although people do, more often than not, smoke it. It is not detectable on drug tests. Recent articles have been cropping up as legislatures try to ban the chemicals in K2.
I found this googling K2 as a drug.

The whole concept, to me, is drug culture, whether it is legal or not and not a healthy way to live.

The way I see it is that a person is either into the drug culture or not, there isn't much "in between" and that the practice of smoking this stuff is dangerous.

Hope this helps. It's not for me.

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A hookah is nothing more than a type of pipe for smoking.

As such - one could smoke a variety of things with it - tobacco, dried fruit and/or herbs, or drugs.

Anyone referring to the use of a hookah is only referring to smoking something, not necessarily drugs. There are legal hookah bars in the US where drugs are not used.

It used to be that some middle eastern restaurants around me had hookahs available for an after dinner smoke. These went away when the smoking ban took effect in MN. Tobacco shops are pretty much the only retailer where smoking is allowed indoors, and there still are the hookah bars, but none serve any food. They are technically tobacco shops.
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I try to stay away from Hookah's, I have never been attracted to them plus my girlfriend would kill me :rotfxko
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Plus inhaling any kind of smoke is bad for you no matter what it is. I would also imagine it would lead to smoking other things.

I cant see any benefits in anyway myself
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Hookahs are for smoking and hookah bars have been around for eons. It started as a middle eastern thing, but they've gained popularity over the years. You buy flavored tobacco and smoke away. They're kind of fun.

K2 is kind of fun too if you like being RIDICULOUSLY stoned. A while back, my boyfriend and I were curious so we bought some. It looks and smells like potpourri but it gets you seriously high for about a hour and then the sensation completely goes away.
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NewBeg--I am cracking up at your never were attracted to Hookah's! I got it.....arr arr arr
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both'll blow your brain...
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Technically, from what I have been told by my Arabic friend, it is something Arabs/easterners partake in. These places usually have very elaborate smoking establishments where there are hookah's that have scented/flavored tobacco products. She showed me the "ritual" and I did partake a few times. It's tabacco. Smoked through the hookah. It was very fun! We had a good time trying to make smoke rings and shapes. And the flavored tobacco smelled nice and tasted good too. I loved the berry flavor!
I am sure people have smoked pot in them. They do resemble bongs, but my Arab friend would be VERY offended if you called her hookah a bong.
Don't know what K2 is.. From what I am reading in other replies, I don't wanna know. LOL
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A 'Hookah' is an arabic water pipe that is used in cafes/bars in the middle-east to smoke flavoured tobacco whils't drinking a form of Arabic tea. Produces a very cool smoke due to the long-pipe and water cooling feature. Obviously can be used to smoke cannabis in too. I smoked one a few times but the person whose it was was only smoking flavoured tobacco through it. So it was crap.

If K2 is 'Spice' then it's a 'legal' high that has now been banned in UK. I smoked a fair whack of it and it was a very impressive stone. Very, very potent; Like bed-ridden strong.

There are many, many chemicals on the market being developed all the time which are 'legal' and sold in headshops untill they become so popular that the government knee-jerk and ban them and make them illegal. I used to take shed-loads of these chemicals and loved them. From a drug point of view they are very impressive.

However I am a recovering alcoholic thus I don't take any mind-altering chemicals anymore so I am not interested anymore. Simply put if you smoke 'spice' then you may as well be smoking cannabis. Similarly if you took BZP (which was my fav but is now illegal) then you may as well be taking Amphetamine as it's much the same but slightly different side-effects and chemical structure.

They are very potent drugs and not to be messed with. I have seen many people severely mashed up on these chemicals. Me being one of them.

They are very good/bad depending on whether you're in sobriety or not! lol.
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I think the original questions have been answered here, so we'll close the thread.

If this K2 gets you high - legal or not - I can't see it's an appropriate discussion here.

I know it makes this ex marijuana smoker nervous.

2. Outside Agendas: It is inappropriate to promote the use of alcohol or drugs on our addiction recovery forums.
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