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Hello all,
After my rough weekend of drinking I realized that I am an alcoholic and its time I get some help. I started looking online and found this site. Both Friday and Saturday night I got very drunk because that is how I deal with things tha are going on in my life. Saturday night was the worst because I was supposed to be fishing a tournament on Sunday. On the walk home from the bar with my buddy I fell a few times and then was stopped by the police to make sure everything was ok. Needless to say, the cop left us and my buddy had to go get some of the other guys to get me back to the hotel room.
I realized yesterday that this has got to stop and it is a point in my life where I do need help. I am 29 yrs old and I have been an alcoholic for 4 yrs now. Not only did I embarass myself, but also the members of the club I belong to. It was very embarassing yesterday sitting with the members of the club and I was reprimanded for the first time since I was a kid. I knew I had a problem and just didnt want to admit it.
I figured I would try this first and see how it goes. I havent drank since Saturday and I do have cravings for it.
I know I need some form of help before I hurt myself or someone else. I hope that if I talk to people in similar situations it will help me get through it. Thanks for reading my post.

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When, I drank trouble usually followed. Have you ever tried to go for a while with out drinking??
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Yes, but never seems to be for very long. Usually a week at the most. Then I tell myself that I can control it and that I wont drink as much as I usually do, but never seems to work.
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Welcome to SR......

Glad you are here with us.....many of us are
winning over can you.....
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[x] craving
[x] failed attempts to control my using
[x] drank/used drugs to "deal" with life
[x] behavior led to police intervention
[x] reprimanded by peers

Yep. Been there my friend. You're definitely in the right place. The good news is that you never have to drink again and there is a new way of life available to anyone who's willing to work for it. Are you ready?
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Hi Unit,
wow i think we are on the exact same page, i also have realised that this has to stop, I am slowly killing myself and what is worse I have to pay to do it. Today I am not going to drink, I too like you had a bender and now feel discraced, ashamed, sad, anxious.... I am scared but to know there are people here that have been where i am or are at where i am now helps..

I am an alcoholic as much as i have tried to deny it.....
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Welcome to SR unit0028

The embarrassment, the falling down, the repeating cycle - all familiar to me too.

You'll find a lot of help and support here - but I hope you'll at least think about looking into some face to face support too...this recovery thing is a hard road to can never have enough support, unit.

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I had an awful weekend too. I think I am only just getting over my hangover from Sunday today. What an awful depressing way to spend the week. Never again.
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Sounds familar to me as well. Good for you in recognizing it now and seeking help and support. I too only just realized what a problem I have. I've found a great deal of support on this site.
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Thank you

Thank you all for your support. Last night was a rough night, but I did not fold to any of the cravings. It is definitely going to be a long hard road, but it is what I need. I am turning 30 soon and I would like to get back on track before it hits.
Thanks again and I am happy to see that there are people out there that are going through similar situations.
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Hi Unit,


We really do understand how hard it is to stop drinking.

I hope you keep reading and posting.
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Welcome Unit!
and congratulations on your decision to quit, awesome.
echoing Dee on the face to face...
one minute, one hour, one day, ... at a time, eh
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Welcome to the family!
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unit same deal as me, although i was on a binge for 6 days last week did not realise it till sat am, im a coupla days into sobriety so dont know what to expect day to day, but if any of my insight or questions you may have can be of any use, then id happily share my experiences ben
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