This is a powerful disease

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Hey Ded!
Its good to see that another one has got an intention to get rid of this deathly habit. I have read all of your replies above and what i can tell you from your words is that you are more than willing to get rid of this habit and that is the first and the most important step in this regard. (Believe me as i have suffered through this).

Love your wife and love your pets and above all love your life for them and soon you will get all the power to face it and wipe it away
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If you can't manage to get the time for a 30 rehab, can you see if a 4 or 5 detox inpatient would be possible?

I am really worried for you.


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I am going to ask her to stop for a month or so...when that craps around me I cave in the first couple of days. She is a sweetheart, and will do anything for us I think- so I think she will. I feel so weak???
I would ask her to do that. Many of us cannot have alcohol at home.
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Originally Posted by dedubya View Post
i dont know what to say.....I do not feel good, but you guys are helping a lot
still me
you are not going to feel *better* until you get a handle on this and HHeart says, treat yourself as well as you treat the pups....would you let them drink something that made them sick? no. of course would rush them pell-mell to the vet for treatment and if it involved an overnight hospital stay you would gladly pay for it.

dub; I say this with kindness...not meaning any disrespect....get off the merry deserve better....if you can't do it on your own, get professional support that works for you.
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stay strong dubs.....
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seeking recovery
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Dear Dub,
I really feel for you as I know how HARD it is, to get through this, but the good news is that YOU CAN! every slip is just another step of AWARENESS of your condition so please be KIND TO YOURSELF like you are to your beautiful loving dogs.
I have discovered for me, that at this stage (20 days again) I have to be 'willing to go to any lengths' (BB) to stay sober as this really is a cunning disease and will do anything with any excuse to suck you back in. Having a great day! celebrate with drink! Bad day, stress? pick up a drink! in the end it is NO WIN SITUATION.
Dub there is hope, perhaps you could ask your wife not to drink in your presence as this is a deadly disease and if she wants a healthy life partner surely it would be in her best interests?
I have found that withdrawals after each relapse got WORSE (and still recovering,) still have cravings, but now I am trying not to be DELUDED by them and see them for what they are.... take my "medicine" of SR and AA. I Have also found that by having a choc fix also quietens the cravings.
Dub what symptoms do you have of withdrawal? Do you need a shortterm sedative or even detox? I am very wary of sedatives but for VERY short term use......going through a withdrawal they have their place.
Just remember Dub you are NOT ALONE! it really is amazing to ponder how souls from all parts of globe can connect, all with the common goal of staying of ETOH!
kindest regards
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one day at a time
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