Positive progress report

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Congrats, Least! Thank you for the inspiration you give to SR.
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great job least and i ask myself would drinking improve the situation whenever i'm tempted and it is always a no and i learned it here so kudos to sr.

i joined in feb. of 08 myself.

quit once for 100 days. quit another time for around 60 days.

i'm currently over 6 and 1/2 months.

i feel much better and more cognizant of things this time around. maybe it takes some of us more than one quit time. this place has truly been a godsend for me.

the other day i posted this as my facebook status:

my life is so good right now i keep looking over my shoulder waiting for the 'bundy curse' to blindside life ever supposed to be this good???

i've done so much good in my 6 months i can't believe it. i've got our bills straightened out better than they have been in many, many years. maybe to an o.c. level but hell, i'll trade that for drinking any day of the week.

major kudos to you my brutha....i am in no way special and the third time has apparently been a charm for me. maybe the repeated attempts by you is normal. it is to me!!!
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Hey Sober Sister!

I had to log on to say - YOU GO GIRL!

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Triple digits! Congratulations, Least!!!

Thanks for all your posts and comments here on SR. Your sharing certainly has helped me along the way.

Peace, health and happiness to you for the next 103 days and beyond!

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Good Going least.. Keep on Posting The Good Stuff!
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ata'a girl least

and keep moving foward

love ya
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Least, I'm just catching up on here - want to add my congratulations & encouragement! I've seen you struggle and rise above it all. "Normies" can't possibly understand what we go through - that's why our friendships here are so vital to recovery. We aren't alone any more.

You help many every day - probably hundreds that we never know about read our words of hope. I'm glad you posted your thoughts for others to benefit from. May each day get brighter for you.
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Well done, least...very happy for you!!
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Least congrats, I have watched you through this and seen you grow so much, this is a great thread for the newcomer, thanks for posting it.
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Thumbs up

Congratulations least and keep up the good work.

You deserve to be sober & happy.
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Originally Posted by least View Post
I think about, and often regret, the sober times I had built up and thrown away. But if I stay sober today I cannot worry (too much) about what I did yesterday or what I'll do tomorrow, except to learn from my mistakes and try to do better.
Congrats on 103+ days, Least!

I think looking back on past sober attempts with regret is self-defeating and could leave you vulnerable to weak moments with a 'why bother' attitude.

Try not to regret the past - it's made you the person you are today. Good for you.
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Glad to hear such a good report. Keep up the good work.
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