Why not drink ??

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Ok Dee.
Sorry Blast. When/if you want help, we're here for you.
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I think branding this as denial is kinda presumptuous. The vast majority of people who drink never develop a problem. This person is probably just curious.
Kinda insulting to tell this guy he's in denial.
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I'm of the opinion that nobody accidentally finds themselves in a AA/NA meeting, in a treatment center, or even on a recovery message board. Somebody thinks we have a problem if we end up in one of these places. Usually we are the last ones to realize that we have a problem.

If you wanna drink, drink. That's your business my friend. I don't drink or do drugs because it damn near ruined my life and will kill me, and i'm not talking about dieing at 70 instead of 80, i'm talking about much sooner than later. I want a happy and fulfilling life and freaking drugs and alcohol brings me misery.
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people find themselves accidentally in AA all the time. They hopefully get into the part of the book that informs us what alcoholism actually is, realize thats not the problem, and move on. When they dont, and they latch onto 12 step programs, the result is you end up with people who are not alcoholics sponsoring people who are. Since the program works because of one alcoholic helping another, this is not good.
just my two cents.
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Back to the original question - why not drink?

For me the answer is...L I F E.

Love to see more of you Blank123.

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In early days of my drinking, it seemed fun. The consequences soon came. If, you don't have any problems with alcohol. If, you know when to say when or, know when to have a DD hey, I've no problem with that.

I read many posts on here of all the trouble that comes with drinking. All the deaths drinking causes, all the broken relationships it causes.

Sadly, if drinking only caused me problems, this wouldn't be as sad. My drinking hurt other people. For that, I'm truly sorry
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Blank123 will probably not be the first "member" to join and then never come back. I think that this person really felt that they needed help but are too afraid...
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You're probably right. Hopefully, many people read this thread and benefited from it. Great responses here, as usual. I'm so proud of this group.
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