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day 4 & i just feel like giving up. no matter what i seem to do, all the suggestions i listen to and do, doesn't seem to work for me. i feel like i need to be put away, like forever.
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kae. hang in there. four days is an accomplishment in itself.
and if you turn "ugh" around, you'll find it spells hug.
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I remember my day 4's too - it gets better Kae

As for things 'not working' - if you're anything like me, you want it now LOL...

one of the things I've had to learn was patience - it takes time to turn a life 4's a great start Kae, but it is only a start

You're not alone though - hang in there
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Hang in there, you are doing awesome. I said the same thing while detoxing and I am so glad I stuck with it. Congrats on 4 days and take it one minute, one hour, one day at a time, just dont give.
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Kae, you're not alone and we do understand.

I firmly believe, the only way it will get better, is to get through it. Get through Day 4 and Day 5 will be a bit better.
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Hang in there I've done day 4 twice and it DOES get better Much harder the first time though, i remember feeling like absolute crap, shakes, nausea and absolute insomnia!!! But pamper yourself because you're worth it
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Kae, it won't be long and you'll start to feel much better. Getting to Day 4 is something to be proud of, even though it doesn't feel that way right now. It takes strength and courage to keep going - and you're doing it. Better days are coming, promise!
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