Looking to quit for good

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Looking to quit for good

Hey whats up everyone.

This is my first time coming to a forum regarding my problem with alcohol. I guess the best thing to do is be honest. I am 29 and I have had a problem with substance abuse since I was about 15. It started with just smoking weed and that lead to some other heavier drugs. Around 19 I was able to quit drugs and started drinking. It took me awhile to figure out that I never stopped having a problem with substance abuse I just replaced drugs with alcohol. I dont drink hard liquor. Just beer. I drink about a six pack to 20 beers every night now. I can go a few days without it but thats usually followed by a heavy night. Longest Ive gone within the past 5 years of drinking I believe has been two months.I drink socially and by myself. Im around alot of drinkers and I know I have to just cut off those ties. But its hard. Seems every where I go there is always drinking going on.

Im starting to feel the emotional drawbacks pretty heavy right now. Its now affecting me more than ever and have decided to go to a recovery meeting this week.I though this site would be a good way to stay focused, so advice is more then welcomed.
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Hi Strytone28

Welcome to SR.

Like you I started with weed and like you I ended up on beer...two months 'off' was about my limit too.

In the end I was drinking so much - around the clock - that I was killing myself.

I finally understood that fair or not, I couldn't drink like everyone else seemed able to, and I had to stop....not cut back, not trying to 'control' it, but stop - cut alcohol out of my life completely.

Once I really committed myself to that, it didn't matter how prevalent booze was.

I know whats right for me

SR was instrumental in helping me work all this out and stay focused.
Good to have you aboard - see you round !

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Welcome to SR Strytone28, lots of good folks here.

Its now affecting me more than ever and have decided to go to a recovery meeting this week.
Smart move according to this alcoholics experience, just to prepare you, not all meetings are the same, if the first one you go to just is not your cup of tea try another.

In detox they told us to do at least 90 meetings in 90 days & to get a sponsor. I did just that and the vast majority of folks I know who have done that along with taking the steps with thier sponsor have stayed sober.

Not knowing where you live I would suggest looking up your local AA website and check out where & when meetings are. If you are nervous about going to your first meeting alone call the AA hotline, they can arrange for someone to meet you some where for coffee & then a meeting.
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Hi and welcome!

The 'emotional drawbacks' are what got me the most gets soo exhausting.
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I'm glad you found us and I hope you find information and support here.

It IS hard to cut the ties, but I know for me, I couldn't be around people who were drinking. I also found that when I removed a few people from my life, 'coincidentally' a couple of new and amazing people appeared.
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Thank you all for the replies!!!

Not hanging around friends who drink and from places where alcohol is available is where I have the biggest problem. Friends and family members have told me I will have to deal with being around those situations/people regardless, which I think is easy to say but hard to do. They expect me to just have full control immediately. I just cant do it. Its just too much of a temptation. I need to stay away. I dont even know how to be around social situations without drinking anymore. Really sucks, first thing on my mind is where I can grab a beer so I can get comfortable. I know just not going to those places or being around those people is gonna be my best bet. Wish I could but it has ever came out positive.

Thanks again for the replies!!!
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That's it Joseph, you know what you need. I also had to stay away from those kind of situations no matter what others thought. You'll know when the time is right.
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Stry, I think you should do what you think is the right way to stay off drinking. Other people will sometimes point at this as a negative thing, whether they are nasty, jealous, clueless, whatever. It will be a crappy feeling. It's true that you will have to learn to adjust to the reality of alcohol around you at SOME point, but that doesn't mean you are expected to pull that off overnight - this is not an ON/OFF switch, this is a persno with emotions. I can tell you I am really happy you are focused on "you" though, that is a positive sign to ME! You talk about not being comfortable without having alcohol and you want to look at that part of you. That meeting you are going to sounds interesting, would like to hear how the first one goes.
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To protect my early fragile sobriety....I did have to make
drastic changes. The hardest for me?
Keeping away from my social circle ...all excessive drinkers.

That is where AA became vital...I found neew friends
who shared my new goals and lifestyle...

Welcome to our recovery community...
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I didn't quit for good, I just don't drink each day. I can handle that concept then to think of it in terms of forever.
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