Same Numbers All In A Row

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Same Numbers All In A Row

Some people really like numbers and the different configurations you can find in them, for different reasons. I am not really one of those people, but once in a while, I like to see an identical number several times in a row, like one time my odometer read 11111 (km).

Well, today is Day 111 with no drinking.

I guess I will be posting my Day 222 in about 3 or 4 months.

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Nice one on 111 days sober!!

'one day at a time'

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I think those are great numbers!!!!! i hope to post like that too (in about 3 months)...fantastic analogy, Toronto I like that too.

congrats! you are setting a solid foundation and I want to follow your example!!!!
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No matter what the configuration, any number of days sober is great.
111 days is fantastic. Well done.
Don't wait til 222 to post again
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Numbers! whats in a number..Under the influence as i was for so long..Am sure i was runnin with the numbers 666 Ha,day 11 for me..Thats also my lucky no,as well as 7, though had to take the day off work today..Been well under the cosh" with what can only be described as a belated Detox 2 days of physical misery..Though am sure once through this, the only way is up..Bearing in mind the past 12 yrs, never got past day 15,
well so lookin forward to this Time! sleep sleep an more the order of the day at present,So Lookin forward to good health again,
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Congrats on 111 days of sobriety! Big (((hugs))) too!
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Congrats on the 111 days! It only keeps getting better
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Congratulations on your time from a fellow Torontonian. The first 111 days are the hardest.
The sequential number I am most anticipating is 00 cleaning days to retirement.
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10-4 on the 111! Thanks for the 411. :rotfxko

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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Hey Toronto, yesterday was my 111!
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Follow Directions!
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111 days!!!
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Yay! You are awesome....keep it up!
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i love Toronto's matching numbers theory....since I just realized it is Double-Deuce for me....(Day #22)....a drop in the bucket next to his 111, but a step in the right direction.

(oh all this math so early in the AM)....
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Very creative Toronto and congratulations on your well deserved sober time!!
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On my path.
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Gotta love the numbers!

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Hey Toronto Guy,

Good for you on Day 111!

I'm glad you're doing so well.
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Hey, that's pretty cool... both that you have 111, and that you made it so far already!

Congratulations, T-Dot!
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Congrats on 111... I'm 4 days behind you.
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Hugs and prayers!

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