3rd Meeting in 2 days!

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3rd Meeting in 2 days!

Its day 3 for me- and anxiety is really kicking in a bit. Working out and riding my motorcycle is helping. Plus I went to my 3rd meeting today... it was a big book study and the one where we go around the room and people read out loud and comment if they want to, and don't comment if they don't which is pretty cool (like the one I went to last evening). I think I realized the level of my anxiety when I read, and totally understood the subject I read. My head was spinning inside like a ferrari on a treadmill....I could barely comment last evening, and couldnt even articulate my thoughts today. I was laughing so hard at myself on my motorcycle on the way home just daydreaming that if someone would have said "Donnie- Shut the F up- you're out of your element" (refer to the Big Lebowski for those that aren't familiar) I would have absolutely collapsed laughing- and probably fell off my bike.

My profession is getting in front of 100s of people on a regular basis and I have no problems with it. Anyway just sharing my this anxiety needs to back off before I get back to work.
Stickin with the plan- and as we all know, the Dude abides, and he also keeps his sense of humor.
Love and Peace to All of You- you mean a lot to me.
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Keep going to those meetings and reading that book. The anxiety will subside - it is a withdrawal symptom. Take care.
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You got it- count on it.
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Nice one Dub! Keep That sense of humour too... really helps to be able to keep a humorous tilt on all of this! Humour can only be gained though once you get through the other side and look back sober! Keep going Dub till you get to the other side and then make sure that you stay there and don't slip back again! You know the score.

All The Best dude.
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Just make sure no one p1sses on your rug, dude.
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Congrats on three days sober! The anxiety will pass, just give it time. Soon you'll be back to normal and feeling great. Just stay sober one day at a time and you'll be rockin'!
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