Day 14

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Smile Day 14

2 weeks ive been sober anxiety still comes and goes at night seems like its been forever I still think about drinking seen a guy at the store last night with 3 cases waiting to check out looked at me and said gotta have sunday beer a term I know well see in georgia outside of bars restraunts ect they do not sell alcohol on sundays i thought that was me always worried id run out i also have been thinking alot about green beer my birthday is the 18th one day after st patricks dayWe would always go drink green beer I have a lot of irish in me this year will be green tea or soda but so far today I feel fine
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Nice one on 14 days sober.

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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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thanks for support everyone
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Hello Scamy ~

It was amazing to realize how much of my life revolved around alcohol when I first stopped drinking.

I did the same thing..."gotta stock up for when the store's closed - God knows I can't run out of booze; St. Paddy's day comin' up - green beer and erin go bragh; got a new job, let's celebrate; just got laid off, gotta drown my sorrows; it's raining, I'm bored, might as well drink; it's sunny out, beachtime - grab the cooler, let's go!!"

Everything was a license to drink and if something didn't occur naturally, I found myself creating reasons to justify it.

Now that's insane...

Fortunately, I found that the association of events, etc. and its association with alcohol lessens in time. Now I don't 'react' to situations with thoughts of a drink - it's just the way it is.

Good thing, too - I always told my friends that I'll never understand how/why I got sober during a recession :rotfxkobut I did and think it's actually made me a stronger and better person for it.
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Congrats on your two weeks!!!
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Well done scammy on the two weeks sober! I am four weeks tomorrow and the anxiety is still lurking every now and again, way better now than it was though so I am hopeful that it will improve!! Sees odd seeing other people buying beer and wine doesnt it, I often find myself thinking and wondering if they are in the same sense of denial that I was in.. or if they are able to buy wine and beer and not drink again the rest of the week.. I never thought about those things before :-/ Anyway I am just grateful that I have made it to the four week mark, its been a struggle but I got there, now I have to work out how I avoid those 'markers' in the year that traditionally I would have had a drink on.. like its my 40th in May.. and my brothers wedding.. and holidays, they are my next challenge!
All good today though and one day at a time..
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Day 15 and i feel pretty good watched some movies last night with my family slept good its gotten fairly warm here in georgia I think Ill grill after the race
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The spring air

It may not be quit spring but it feels like it I have many things I enjoy in the spring all of which I usually do drinking so I know Im gonna be tempted I already am Its gona be hard today is day 16
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Things i enjoyed i hope i still can
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Scamy, congratulations on your 15+ days!! This is just the beginning of a tidal wave of awesomeness and auspiciousness. Huge props to you for getting to 15 days - that was a big one for me. Keep it going strong, and congrats!
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Way to go!
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Congratulations Scamy! 2 weeks is a tough time, but you did it. Be proud! Don't let the temptation of St. Patty's day or your birthday make you drink again. Do whatever you've been doing these 2 weeks and stay strong friend. Come here and post if you need to, but don't pick up. You are on a roll!! If you can do the first 2 weeks you can do anything. Seriously!!
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