Zoloft and Alcohol=Problemo

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Zoloft and Alcohol=Problemo

I've posted here before. I've never really been helpful, I don't really know how to help myself let alone anyone else right now, so I apologize for always asking and never giving.

I'm blowing all my money on alcohol. I just got another job on top of being a student. At a liquor store...not really on purpose. They were hiring and not many people are...ten bucks an hour is hard to turn down.

Anyway, that doesn't really matter. I'm seeing a therapist and she put me on zoloft. Only you can't drink with it so I haven't taken it. I told her I drink often but I felt weird saying it's every day. Right now I have one of those 375 ML of Vodka next to me. Vodka's always been my "poison" of choice. I've started buying these little 375 ML bottles so that I only drink that much instead of getting the handles where I keep pouring it. I don't get drunk very often, just drink enough to take the edge off and slow down my mind so I can sleep. Limiting myself to the 375 ML bottles helpes w/ that because those don't really have enough to affect me. It just sucks because it's taking more and more for me to feel it. I just can't stop/handle my life without taking the edge off. It's not that I need to drink, it's just I need to not feel you know? Does that make sense?

I'm not ready to stop drinking. I can't do it and I don't want to. So no I can't be helped until I'm ready to stop because I don't think what I'm doing is a serious problem and I can't handle my life without taking the edge off...problem is the zoloft drinking like a 375 ML bottleish a night too much alcohol? They say "moderate" drinking (1 to 2 shots for someone my size) is probably okay once I'm used to it but... like 8 shots barely gives me a buzz anymore so would that mean I can drink that much with the meds? Maybe I should just stay away from anti-depressants until I got the alcohol thing under control IDK. I don't want to tell my therapist just how often I drink bc it just sounds bad
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Oh boy.

I'm sorry about where you are. I can identify. Gotta stop drinking first. The meds are useless with alcochol. Being honest with your doctor is vital on so many levels. Do you want to get well? Of course you do. Your doctors one of your best buddies to help you do this. I'm on Zoloft also. Had to come clean to the first doctor, who then sent me to a doctor who dealt with depression and substance/alcohol abuse. I wasn't prescribed the medication until I was sober. The point is, I had doctors on my team who knew my sh*t so-to-speak

Consider getting honest with your doctors a step in owning your recovery.
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Dont take the Zoloft. It wont work anyway if you are drinking that much.
Why are you seeing a therapist? Is there something about your life that you are unhappy about? Does it have anything to do with alcohol?
And not to be a negative nellie but the therapist won't work either if you are not being honest with them.
So....go back to drinking, quit the therapist and don't take antidepressants, or....
decide you want to make some changes and make them. Maybe just quit drinking, take the Zoloft and really work with the therapist (honestly) for a month and see if that makes a difference...couldn't hurt.
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Mostly what making my unhappy is my relationship. It's so f***ing unhealthy. Long distance and he's messed up and it's just really bad but I don't want to end it because I love him but ugh I don't want to get into details but basically it's long distance, he's in the Army, we never talk, not because we CANT but because he doesn't want to, he is going through PTSD/depression and is pushing everyone away. In a month I've talked to him 4 times and haven't seen him once. The Army is putting him on Med leave and sending him back home to deal with his **** but yeah whatever....

I've always been depressed. The only time I can remember being happy is the first 6 months of being with my boyfriend when we were in love and happy and he treated me great but whatever...

My boyfriend thinks I need to go to a hospital for my self-destructive tendencies. It's not just drinking for me and it was those tendencies that lead me to see a therapist. I've only seen her twice. She doesn't know much about the self destructive the drinking and this other thing. But yeah IDK. I'll just tell her I think I drink too much to start zoloft. Its just hard for me to trust her and stuff I mean I'm not good with talking about myself. It's a lot easier online
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It's always best to be up front and honest with your DR and/or therapist. In some cases, they won't prescribe certain medications to you if they know about alcohol misuse/abuse. (Not sure about Zoloft) But yes--mixing booze and most medications (especially anti-depressants) aren't good. Also, if you think you might be drinking too much--chances are that you most likely are. Alcohol tolerance builds up over just shows that your body has gotten used to having it in your system so it will take more and more alcohol to get the effect or "buzz" than what you drank before. It also isn't healthy. I would suggest that you be open/honest with your therapist. They aren't mind readers and if you are paying them to help you--then let them by first telling them the truth about what is going on.
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If she knows I drink like...however much 375 Ml of alcohol is a night will she like have me commuted or whatever? I only weigh like 105 pounds but I'm only 5'1 so I'm not really that skinny but I can drink most people twice my size under the table so I just worry she'll make me go to a hospital or whatever?

Has any of you told a shrink about how much you drink??? Maybe if you told me about your experiences I'd know what to expect.
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Smile Fenway

Welcome here again Fenway. You're being very honest and a little hard on yourself. It's not always easy to help others when you're battling your own demons. I think it takes some courage even to write on this forum -- and that is something you are doing to help others, because I'm sure a lot of people out there can identify with your problems. I'm writing because I had a similar problem admitting to my therapist how much I was drinking... i saw three different therapists and changed each one because they told me i should cut down or stop drinking. At one stage I was drinking a dozen or more beers and three or four glasses of wine a day and there was no way I intended stopping. The therapist would ask, "So, how much are you drinking?" I'd feel too embarassed to tell her, so i would halve the amount, and even that sounded too much. One day, out of the blue, i went to my latest therapist, whom i really liked, and she said, "So, how much do you drink?"
I blurted out, "About a dozen beers and some wine on top of that, and maybe a whiskey or brandy or two or more." She looked at me quite unmoved and said to me, "Have you ever considered you might be an alcoholic and that it could kill you." I went home and looked in the mirror and saw an alcoholic.
The next time I saw my therapist i told her i was an alcoholic... Just the admission to myself and to her was a great weight off my shoulders and set in motion my first tentative steps towards becoming free... I am extremely grateful to my therapist. i think she saved my life. thing is, don't be hard on yourself. remember, alcoholism is a disease, and it can be cured...
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Hey Fenway,

You've got a lot on your plate. This probably has nothing to do with nothing. But there are some interesting stickies in the 'Relationships & Parenting In Sobriety' about signs of unhealthy relationships, should you ever want wander over there.
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Hi Fenway

Welcome back - you've have some great advice here - I really can't do anything but reiterate - be honest with your doctor.

I spent years basically lying to my Dr - it did me no good whatsoever - doctors and therapists cannot help you if they only know half the story.

It's in your best interests to be honest and open, Fenway.

Don't let fear and your imagination stop you - all thats going to happen if you come clean is you'll get the right help for your problems

Reaching out and being honest is the only way you're going to find better and less harmful ways to cope with stuff than alcohol, Fenway.

Think about it

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welcome Fenway;

For me, alcohol fuels my depression which makes me want to drink which makes me more depressed....As I have stopped drinking for 13 days, one thing I noticed is that I am NOT as depressed, my mood is considerably lighter...I am not on meds at this time, i have taken Zoloft in the past, it did not agree with me...(perhaps because I drank too much while taking it)

No one can tell you when to stop except yourself, but the reason you came here is the right direction.
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Welcome back....glad you are here.

I think first of all, you need to get honest with your doctor, they can't help if you don't. They've heard so many things....that your story isn't going to affect them one bit, and it just may save your life.
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Dont take the Zoloft. It wont work anyway if you are drinking that much.
Why are you seeing a therapist? Is there something about your life that you are unhappy about? Does it have anything to do with alcohol?
And not to be a negative nellie but the therapist won't work either if you are not being honest with them.
I was on zoloft while drinking. Needless to say it didn't help at all due to my daily consumption of alcohol - a depressant. Now that I'm sober my meds work a lot better, as they should. I would advise being totally honest with your therapist. They can't help you if you're not telling them the whole truth.

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