Three Days Dry

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Three Days Dry

Hi, everyone! 72 hours ago I finally got it through my thick skull that alcohol and I don't mix. A difficult divorce 6 years ago got me started with alcohol. At first I drank to become numb, then I drank to be social, and meet new people. Now I am back to drinking to not have to feel. It seems crazy to me, but every excuse I had to continue drinking did not come from my rational mind, but from my rational mind taking orders from some scary creature a couple layers below that.

I have come to realize that alcohol has become a detriment to my health, my wealth, and those who are closest to me. I'm excited to be sober, but scared about how I am going to spend my days, nights, weekends, etc. It seems the preferred sport of my friends and family is to drink for any occasion, especially weekends!

So that's about as bare- bones of an introduction as I could muster. My wife (not the one from the divorce- lol) just got home from work, so I'm off. Wish me luck, I'm sure any words of encouragement would help. I hope by involving myself here that I won't feel so alone in this!

Thanks for listening...
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Hello Rudie!
Welcome to SR - you will find a lot of support/information here.

You may want to check out some books related to sobriety for a start, or if you are into the idea of a meeting (AA) I'm sure they have one in your area.
I don't know how much you are drinking but if you are a daily drinker you may want to watch for withdrawal symptoms and seek medical attention if needed - alcohol withdrawal can be dangerous.

My family and former group of friends sound a lot like yours - I found it helpful to take a good hard look at my interests and start there (walking, reading, squash etc...)
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welcome Rudie; you've found the right place.
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I have been drinking daily for a couple of months now. So far since I have quit, I noticed insomnia, night sweats, and from time to time my heart beats quick for a minute or so. Maybe once a day on that last one. Hopefully nothing more insidious pops up!
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Welcome Rudie,

I'm glad you found us and now you know that you are not alone.

Good for you for deciding to live a sober life!
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Welcome to SR! Congrats on three days sober - it's a good start to a better life. Please get medical help if you notice bad or unusual effects from withdrawal. Best to be safe when detoxing. I hope we can help you stay sober by giving you support and information you need. Living sober rocks! And it's so nice to wake up feeling good instead of waking up feeling deathly ill from drinking.
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Welcome to SR Rudie
Congratulations on your 3 days - its a great start!

hope to see you around some more!
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Yes! you too can find a healthier sober future.
Many of us are winning over alcohol

Welcome to our recovery community
Wishing you and your wife all the best life offers...
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Thank you all for the warm welcome. About to go get some take out with my lovely wife. Feeling a bit off, not really ready to go out to a restaurant for dinner, as Friday is generally the night to hit it 'till the wheels come off'...

I'm emboldened by your kindness, it seems to be helping a bit with the urge to say F--- it all, let's just go out for "a few (yea right!) drinks." Not that my girl would be too receptive to that anyway! lol

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