60 days!

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60 days!

What words can I possibly use to describe how I am feeling right now? *Absolutely amazing* just doesn't seem to do it justice! It all feels so much bigger, so much more utterly radical… and altogether so much more PERMANENT that using simple adjectives I could pluck out of the air can't quite offer a synopsis of the sea change that is happening inside of me.

Today is 60 days sober for me. And that, my friends, is a very bold statement indeed.

But this is not just 60 days sober. I've hit this mark a few times in the past. This is nothing like those other situations. On those occasions, I was merely taking a time-out; a little break from the drinking, just to keep myself going with the exercise or some other such goal, with a full on plan for drinking re-entry at some point in the (usually very) near future. The longest I have gone without drinking since starting drinking is about 5 months. And while that is a great thing to do, of course - it was never like this. I was not taking not drinking seriously. Not drinking wasn't the focus; something else was the focus. Now, there is ONLY not drinking.

I've had a huge roller coaster of emotions these last 60 days. Some of the days, in fact the majority of them, I am so happy, carefree and joyful it's hard to contain - these are the days I live for! Some days it's been a bit rougher, which I fully expected. And which was the same when I was drinking, of course: some days good, others not. The ratio is totally flipped, however! And the good days are better than they have ever been, and the low days mercifully mild and ephemeral. I'm trying to keep my head on straight in this early part of recovery, as I am aware of all of the emotions I am feeling, full contact. And what a joy that is, in and of itself: to feel all the emotions, AND be aware of them while they're here? Wow - that realization just amazed me! Double coupon day, I guess!

Since I have quit drinking, I have gone from a high functioning alcoholic who was getting it done but not really excelling or getting anywhere near my potential to turning every single thing around and absolutely driving those commitments like a mad man. It's only been 2 months; it'll take some time to get some of these things to the place that I'd like but I am 1000% pointed in the right direction. There is only one reason for this - and we all probably know what that is!

2010 has been a fantastic year! And it's all down to the sobriety. I drank for 10 years, from 21 to 31. This is the perfect time to get off that ridiculous ride and move forward in life. The only sad thing out of this whole parade of amazingness is that I don't have a large cadre of sober friends; in fact, I don't have any. Well, I do have some back home, but as I have alluded to in the past, I am on the road at the moment, so to speak, and haven't had enough opportunities to make new, sober friends over the last 2 months. That will change soon tho!

For now, everyone here at SR is my lifeline, and I want to take a minute to thank you all! Your posts mean the world to me, and I cannot stress how amazing everyone here is. This community has given me more than words can possibly express, and anything I can think of saying just seems cheap, plastic and dull. So I'll err on the side of underwhelming while I dream up something more elegant for 90 days and say from the bottom of my heart, thank you all!!

For my 60 days of sobriety, I am celebrating with my favorite drink of all time, the mighty Cherry Coca Cola.

If you're reading this, you rock!
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Well Done....
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Go ask the Multivax
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Hey, hey, hey,

You rock! You sound just like me at 60-days. I was also high functioning. I worked damn hard to be AVERAGE. I looked and dressed 15 years older than I was. I didn't want to seem different at all.

At 60-days, I let it all out. I'm artistic and my dress early on showed it! I felt 16 again and it was amazing. I've calmed down and matured now at 2 1/2 years. But never crashed from that high. It lingers. It's healthy. You are right where you're supposed to be. :-)
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Congratulations Witchita.
Thank you for the powerful message.
Enjoy your Cherry Cola. You earned it.
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Hugs and prayers!

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Congratulations! I think you should give yourself time to get more sober types around you, but you are on a great start by focusing on yourself. Very thoughtful post too.
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Awesome! Loooooooooooove this post! Except the Coke part......Pepsi would be much better.

Isn't it amazing....when you are READY for recovery, it just feels right. It's not like a manic high just feels right. Good for you!
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Congrats WLM

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..Jimmy Webb..
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Nonexistent Willpower
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Don't forget, it really does keep getting better and better...

And be careful out there. Glad you're sober in your line of work.
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And thank you for posting that. 60 days seems... well forever to me. But you said some things I think I needed to hear.

Thank you again & take care of yourself,
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The New Me starting 1/11/09
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Congratulations! Keep working on your recovery. Well done!
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bona fido dog-lover
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Congrats on reaching sixty days sober!
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Good for you!

I am glad you're feeling so good, and I totally agree with you about the SR community!
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Hi everyone!

I just wanted to say thank you for the well wishes. I feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy, so thank you all for that!

Alizerin - I hear what you are saying! I have tried to keep myself in check - so far, I've only caught myself singing in public two or three times. Ha! Can be somewhat embarrassing to be singing 'The Sign' to myself whilst its pouring down rain... but such are these days... :p

Fubarcdn - Thank you! The cola was hard earned, and delicious.

Toronto - Thanks. I think you are right: I should find more sober friends. I also think you're right on the second count, which is that its good to be working on myself. It's been a bit tough as I've obviously isolated myself from my drinking buddies, but then again, I found out that was all they were. Kind of a sad realization all the same. However, spending all this time working on myself has been super worth it; it's ben for fun and profit. Thanks for your kind words.

Coffeenut - Thanks! Well, SECRETLY my absolute favorite soft drink would have to be Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi... but that's not available to me at the moment. Bummer! I hear what you are saying - its not a manic high.... its just natural and damn does that feel good. Thanks for your encouraging words.

Dee - I love reading all of your posts on this board, they are always supportive and helpful. You are an inspiration to those of us who are new to recovery, and I was to say: Thank you!

Steveo - Thanks dude! Thanks for looking out for me; I am being super careful I've got my game plan together to avoid any unhappy situations.

TBubba - Thanks. I hope what I had to offer helps in any way. And wow! You have 1700+ posts since Aug 2009? I am obviously slacking.

Anna - Thank you! Like Dee, I always appreciate your kind and thoughtful posts. It's people like you that have really helped me in this first 60 days. Your words and comments have a direct impact on those of us starting out, and for that, I thank you!
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Add me to the list that thinks your accomplishment is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your insight as you hit this milestone. It's very helpful for me to read to guage how I'm doing, and to share the experience.
Thank you!
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Yep, well done Wichita. 60 days is inspirational! i know what you mean this time is for real... i can read the energy in your writing. keep singing!
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Thanks Humble! Yup, we pretty much began our journey on the exact same day, huh? Pretty crazy we've already made it this far! So congratulations are in order for you as well! I look forward to seeing your posts, they give me a good gauge as well. Keep on rocking in the 2010, we're doing really good, and for this I am super duper excited.

Thanks AWOL! I feel like I am waking up from one strange, insane dream. The energy released into my life by retaking the controls has been immense. I do not plan on relinquishing this power now that I have it back. Thank you!
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Way to go on 60 days - Congratulations!

Am just catching up after no power/heat for last 3 days. I lost power and heat after my first 60 days of sobriety too - strange - I thought it was a test of my will at the time.

I didn't drink over it then or find the need to now. There's nothing so bad that a drink would make better.

You seem truly inspired and motivated.

It's been my experience that if you continue on a daily path of acceptance and willingness, people will naturally be drawn to you. It's that something that resonates in our being and demeanor that a contented, peaceful recovery produces. People won't know exactly what it is, but they'll want to be around it [you].

In the meantime, you have all of us! Thank you for your post. Congratulations again.
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Welcome to SR, AWOL ~

I love your acronym screen name. Clever!
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