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Okay here it is: We all know things have to change in order to recover.
I'm 5 months sober and I'm feeling fine. No great urges (knock on wood); however very much aware it could happen any time.
I really do like the serenity prayer.
My problem is that I should change things, I probably could change some, but.......... and this is a big but, I do not have the courage to do it and I know I never will. (hence my signature I guess)
So what now? Do I stand a chance of remaining sober without the changes? Anyone else feel like that and how did you deal with it? Any ideas welcome. Thanks.
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I would say give it time and perhaps you will get the courage to change the other things that you think need changing.
You have gathered the courage to change your drinking habits and that has been positive for you.
When I have what appears to be an impossible task I try to break it down into smaller doable tasks that lead to a positive outcome.
For example if my house was falling apart instead of giving up I would take one small, thing, like painting one room, and do it then move on to another small thing, like carpeting a floor until I was ready to tackle some of the bigger issues. It takes longer to get to where I want to go this way but I get there eventually.
I know that this isn't exactly what you are talking about but I hope it helps in some small way.
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I don't know if you're an AA participant or not, but I find a lot of truth in the 11th Step phrasing (even with my non-theistic spiritual views). 'Praying only for knowledge of his will for us and the power to carry it out.'

The power, the strength, the courage comes to me from 'tapping an unsuspected inner resource.' It's courage I didn't know I had prior to the Steps. It's courage that hasn't let me down, despite my complete lack of understanding of it.

quotes from aabb1st
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Hi Saphie

I'm not sure what type of situation you wish you had the courage to change but I agree with Fubarcdn, start small. And I think your signature is great...sometimes when you REALLY CAN'T change a situation that is the best thing to do, change your attitude as hard as that can be.
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I agree that you should start small, don't let yourself get overwhelmed.

I did need to change pretty much everything from the inside out and it was a daunting task, but it was also joyous.

Know that you will be able to do what you need to do, and each small step forward will give you confidence.
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Saphie, don't do anything drastic. Small steps. I am in the same place you are. I know that things should change ..... I need more time. Things look better to me every day.
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Hey Saphie

I pretty much had to do a complete life makeover to get back to the 'good stuff'.

I didn't do that overnight tho...small steps are fine - just as long as you're still going somewhere...sometimes I did have to give myself a little nudge as well

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