Drinking and Dating... Advice Needed!

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Thanks so much everyone for the HELPFUL responses!!! I feel like I have had a really great pep talk and know what the right thing to do is. I knew in my heart that was the answer, but needed some reinforcement.

EllaBella, I can relate to feeling a bit more "boring" when I don't drink. I was kind of a wild drunk. Hopefully he will prefer the real me instead of the one that alcohol created. I'm pretty sure that he will, given that he doesn't drink anymore. But the whole thing takes some getting used to.

I promise to let everyone know how it goes... and thank you again!!!

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Hopefully he will prefer the real me instead of the one that alcohol created.
If he didn't, then he's not Mr Right, Laura

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sounds to me that this man can bring a good vibe in your life,,,,,without alcohol!!

give it a go...
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Dee, that's so true. He would NOT be Mr. Right if he liked "Drunk Me." Every time I have talked to him on the phone I have been sober (except once.... when I was WASTED). I am surprised he still wanted to see me after that "wasted" phone call. I actually apologized to him the next day, came right out and told him I was wasted the night before, did not remember much of what we talked about, was embarrassed about it, etc. I then told him about my drinking problem and how I was trying to quit. He then confessed to me that he "had to quit" himself and told me how he and his 3 brothers gave up drinking right before his father passed away (his father was an alcoholic who got sober for many years and as his dying wish, wanted all his sons to promise him not to drink.) I guess honesty is best in the end. He forgave me for being an idiot one night. So every other time we have talked I've been stone cold sober and we seem to have a good time. It's the physical stuff without alcohol that I'm a little worried about, but you guys have all managed to calm me down about that

I'm actually looking forward to the weekend now....
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Whatever you can do or dream, you can begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.
Sound advice there.
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Thanks, Least! I actually got that quote from the book Sober For Good (it was quoted there). It seemed to fit where I am in my life, or at least where I want to be!
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