Friend's BAC 400 48hrs after last drink

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Friend's BAC 400 48hrs after last drink

Need help
my friend passed out 2 days ago bac was 500 aprox 20 hrs after last beer
next day at DR was 400 what Treatment does he need? i've talked to him and told him he cant drink if he does it will kill him. He says he will just have to stop and he thinks he can bc he did when he was in jail the last time 4 years ago! Don't he need some kind of medical treatment ? I understand this is baaad I'm so scared !
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Welcome to SR! I would highly recommend he get medical treatment. Withdrawal from alcohol can be fatal, depending on the person, how much and how long they've been drinking. Blood pressure tends to get extremely high during withdrawals.

Hugs and prayers!

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If his Blood Alcohol level is .40 that long after his last drink he needs to got the ER IMO. Nuff said
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next day at DR was 400
so he's seen a Dr, pawdiddy? What did he/she say?

If your friend doesn't want medical treatment, he's a fool - but there's not much you can do, I guess...just watch him like a hawk, and phone 911 for an ambulance the minute you or he get concerned.

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Thank you all,
I know he saw a doctor the next day after he was taken to the er by ambulance .The doc is sending him to another doc I guess a specialist? I just cant imagine them sending him home after what I have read . I going to check on him &see how he is. I'll let you all know pray for him we will call him ET
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