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Originally Posted by leathertom View Post
So we have a few easy does it ideas that we've seen work consistently over the span of the program,Only you know what you need to change
1Dont get too ,Hungry,Angry ,Lonely ,Tired,,
A lot of people dont know the difference between creul love and tough love.
I am alchoholic,Bipolar,ADD,and was raped as a 4yr old kid.People like me dont make it.Im 25yrs3mths sober.I get like you a lot,Just plain angry and tired,But i ve found a way to work a program and that it works me,God works me through the steps to see that I have free will,something I didnt think Id ever get,as my isms I ,SELF ,ME, EGO ,etc made my decisions for me,so I was always at odds with my true self.So when my sponser said you have freewill to choose,I felt he was giving me a ration of bs till I felt as you posted abt people who didnt careabt how what they said.But evetually I stayed sober and found out that no matter what happened to me ,,,today I had a choice as to what and where and who i wanted to be and experience,
So its up to you to uncover,discover ,and then discard what doesnt work for you and keep that which god no peaceKNOW GOD KNOW PEACE
H.A.L.T. I remember this one from rehab, sure helped me too. You make a lot of good points,...Awesome,....
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Originally Posted by MAB View Post
of being told to go to AA meetings when I am sober. I am tired of paying money I don't have to go to a psychiatrist who doesn't care about me. I am tired of not having friends. I am tired of people on here telling me what they think is wrong with me. Tonight someone on here told me about my attitude problem after talking to me for about 3-4 minutes. They told me I was arrogant, they told me I was judgmental. I am tired of everyone thinking that my problem is solely related to drugs, when I have clearly not used and not wanted to for a very long time now. I am tired of being so hopeless for friends that I will come here and get unsolicited advice, and people's opinions of me so easily tossed after "knowing" me for such a short time. I'm so tired of people judging me before they know a thing about me. I'm so tired of people being condescending. I am tired of crying, tired of feeling, tired of helping people who treat me like dirt. I am tired of listening to people all the time, when they don't give me the time of day to talk. I am tired of going to school, tired of being stressed out all the time. I am tired of thinking of my mother abusing her adderall living in an assisted living facility. I am tired of my dad worshiping my brother. I am a waste of space. I am a waste of time. I have no reason to be here, and apparently other people seem to care less if I am here or not. I am replaceable. I am not unique. I am expendable. I am boring. Most of all I am so tired of living such an empty, meaningless life.
sometimes I get tired like that....then I sleep it off, and wake up refreshed..

take care and all the best
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I'm sorry that you had a bad experience here.

I find that most people here are very caring and compassionate. And, I don't deal well with 'tough love' either. The thing is, there is so much support and goodness on these boards, that I can always find something to inspire me. I hope you keep reading and posting. I know that recovery can be exhausting at times, but it's still worth it.
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*hug* especially watch out for that Anodyne guy, pepper. He's a habitual meanyface.
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