I don't understand.

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I don't understand.

Hi Everyone,
I'm new here. I started a home detox yesterday ( my last drink was on Wednesday night ), after drinking between 5-6 bottles of wine plus beer every day for about 4 years, I'm 39 years old. My Dr has put me on 90mg of Chlordiazepoxide a day tapering off over two weeks. I'm now have way through my second day and as of yet my withdrawl symptoms have been very minor, just slight restlessness and feelings of guilt and shame. After reading some of the stories on SR, I'm worried that this may not be normal, and my bad withdrawl is somehow delayed.
What does anyone think?
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If you have a lot in your bloodstream it could take four to five days to start really feeling the effect. I was on pills and done a lot of them!!!! It took five days before I even started to detox and feel sick. Be prepared because it might come in the next couple of days.
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Thanks for the reply, I thought this may be the case.
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I'm glad you talked to your dr and are seeking support.
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Thanks, I thought it would be the best way. I have group therapy every Tuesday morning and plan on starting AA in the next couple of days.
Fingers crossed.
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Welcome to SR! I'm glad you joined the family. I hope your detox goes well. Good for you in getting medical help!
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Welcome to SR. I'm not sure about the detox but hope you stick with it and around here...
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Welcome to our recovery community.....

Too many variables to know how to accurately
predict any de tox symptoms or time line.
Especially since you are on med's as per doctors
advice. Please call him/her if get concerned.

thanks for joining us...many of us are winning over alcohol.
Yes! that can be true for you too....

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Thanks everyone for the advice and warm welcome.
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Hey Walken, keep following your doctor's instructions and don't hesitate to pick up the phone if you have further questions for him.

Good luck and we're all pulling for you.
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Hi Walken

Welcome to SR.

None of us are Drs here - I think it's best to be grateful for the good run you're having and just make sure you contact your physician if you have any concerns.

look forward to seeing you around
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Welcome Walken! Glad you've joined us.
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Thanks for all the support guys!
I'm on day 5 now, and I'm feeling good.
I've just returned from a nature walk with my support group.
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Welcome Walken. I credit SR with getting me sober & helping me stay there. Nothing else worked - here I could be myself and everyone understood. I hope you'll share more about your recovery & how you are feeling.

Congratulations on having the courage to change your life after years of leaning on alcohol. I never thought I could live without it, and stayed in that fog for too long. I'm so glad we are free. Wishing you a happy new life, & hope to hear more from you.
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