Help....rock bottom

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You can't save your a$$ and your face at the same time! Do whatever you have to do to help yourself, even if it means time off work, telling your parents, hell, even losing your job. In my experience the stuff i always used as an excuse to prevent going to rehab and getting into recovery(job, significant other) was eventually lost anyway and i was all the worse off physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

You might think you're at rock bottom, but it sounds like you're still holding the shovel. Put it down and stop digging my friend. It doesn't get better. In fact, it always gets worse.
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Originally Posted by ElChupacabra View Post
But, due to my break up, I am miles from my doctor and I cannot tell my parents, who I am staying with for a few months, that I am in this state. I already let them down once three years ago.


Sorry to hear that things are really this bad for you right now. You know there is only one thing for you to do now, you have to give up. Alcoholism is progressive. It will only get worse if you continue to drink.

If you are staying at your parents for less than 3 months (you are right ??!!!!), you can temporary register at another GP surgery. Please see

Other than that you can go into any A&E or Walk in Centre for help, particularly as you were so ill like you were this morning. If work is such an issue, why don't you go there on Friday after work and then let them treat your withdrawal symptoms and give yourself the weekend to work out what happens next.
Take care.
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I'm so worried about you. I was the same before I gave it up - drinking at work all day - then would leave to drive home in terrible condition. Also, no amount of straight vodka did the job anymore. I was in misery - it was no longer even remotely fun or relaxing - I was just drinking so I wouldn't shake. I knew my life would be over if I didn't change.

Please, please get some help. If you can't go into detox at least get a dr's advice for your withdrawal. I know we're not supposed to give medical advice, but when I tried to withdraw on my own my blood pressure spiked dangerously. I was told I could've had a stroke - due to the amounts I had been drinking.

Keep talking to us - we care about you.
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Originally Posted by Hevyn View Post
I'm so worried about you.
I'm not. That level of misery and desperation can't be beat when it comes to breeding willingness to do whatever it takes. The last thing he needs is for someone to come rushing in with a big soft pillow to cushion his fall. He's trying to maintain the delusion that he's still in control, showing up to work on his 2nd bottle by lunchtime.

Elchup, lift your head up and see the truth that you are not in control.

Of course, you do have to survive it. Not everyone does.
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Now nowhere in this, is there any words spoken that would leave me to believe this, except for the fact that I have been where you are, and am still going through it picking myself back up, a bit each day.

Do you feel as though rock bottom is the safe place to be due to the fact that there is no where left to fall, in your mind?
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You don't hit bottom until you stop digging.
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I know Anna's posts are real short, but they are straight to the point on what I think you should do.

Forget about your job, your parents being disappointed and I'll just straight out tell you that if you keep drinking like that it's just going to be a matter of time before your liver is going to give out on you.

I'm GRATEFUL that I drank nearly as much, as it seems you are doing right now, that my liver didn't suffer.

I just lost a friend of mine that kept on drinking, switched from beer to liquor (justified stupid reason was the doctor told him "stop drinking beer" because of his gout) I'm pretty sure the doctor meant alcohol altogether.

I watched him go into the hospital twice and finally saw him two days before he died in hospice. Very sad and he was drinking just like you were.

So while you are concerned about your job and what your parents might think, do you wonder how they're going to feel if they have to bury you soon?

Please know I'm not trying to be mean, I'm trying to scare you and hoping it motivates you to take some very serious action.

I really wish you well and hope you'll keep reading and posting. You came to a GREAT & WONDERFUL site here at SR!! You will get tons of support here and promise we'll help you get there.
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hey El C

There's a lot of good advice here - and you know it's good advice.

If you want to offer excuses - and that's what they are - that's up to you...but things will not get better from here...unless you do something.

I was exactly were you are once - drinking wine from a coffee cup in my office...Flutter is right - this is not rock bottom....I came to look back where you are as the good old days.

Don't be like me.

I wish you clarity...and luck.
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But, due to my break up, I am miles from my doctor and I cannot tell my parents, who I am staying with for a few months, that I am in this state. I already let them down once three years ago.
Keep in mind you are talking to people here on SR who have been exactly where you are... (I was a morning then all day drinker too: first thing I did when I woke up. It wasn't always easy to keep it down).

Looking back on my history, what started my recovery journey was telling the person/people closest to me about my drinking. It was a huge weight lifted from my shoulders and for the first time in years I did not feel so alone.

As I continued my journey I shared this with an ever widening group of people who ALL supported me unconditionally: my alcohol addiction therapist, my alcohol addiction center doctor, all the people in the rooms of AA, my sponsor, and some close friends.

Errrrm: most people who are close to you, especially people you are living with, usually already know. When the drinking becomes chronic and excessive, even our most brilliant "sober acting"...fails us. Our physical appearance speaks volumes and we can't cover that up, then there are those little slip ups in our coordination, the words we didn't quite pronounce clearly enough -we can't hide it anymore when our blood alcohol levels are going through the roof.
Discussing this with your parents may be a great relief for all of you to finally discuss the elephant in the livingroom, and it could be the push that gets the ball rolling in your recovery.
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