Need some explaining please.

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Need some explaining please.

I am 25 and have been drinking since I was 16 every weekend some times during the week. When I was about 19 I started feeling, when I was sober, out of it. I have since read on the Internet about "brain fog" basically it means you just don't feel right. I feel out of it, it can be difficult to think of words sometimes I pretty much fell like, even after I haven't drank for a couple days, like I have had one drink. I feel slow and grogy. I haven't drank in 4 and a half weeks now and every day I still feel slow like my brain is numb and my vision is blurred but I can see fine. I don't know if any of this makes sense but maybe some one might understand, and if they do my question is does it ever go away?
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Welcome to Sr and great job on 4 weeks..
Please see a doctor......and fill him in on your drinking history...completely.

always best to get some tests done and get a qualified opinion.
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As trucker suggested, see a doctor first, I can tell you that it took me over a month sober before the fog even began to lift, but for me it did, I do recall that as with anything it does take time.

Some things that will help is taking a multivitam and a B complex daily, eating right & getting PLENTY of liquids.

If after seeing your doctor he gives you a clean bill of health, then just give it all time, it does get better the longer you stay sober.
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Hi and welcome.

Please do see a doctor and be honest about your drinking, symptoms and when you get them.

What you are experiencing may have nothing to do with alcohol or withdrawal from alcohol so it is best not to self-diagnose.
Good luck.
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Hi Zero02

Add my vote for the Dr - it's always best to check these things out and feel reassured

Congratulations on your 4 and a half weeks...
and welcome to'll find a lot of encouragement and help here

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Yes, it will go away, it just takes time for your body and brain to get back to functioning normally. And do see a doctor to be sure all is well.

Congrats on your sober time! Welcome to SR!
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I have never experienced the symptoms you are, so no advice here other than adding to the vote of "go see a doctor". What you're describing may have nothing to do with alcohol withdrawal..
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Hi and Welcome!

I'm glad that you have stopped drinking and I hope that you will go to see your dr about your health issues.
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Seeing a physician is not a bad idea. 4.5 weeks dry however...maybe there's something else contributing to your situation?

Work? School? Kids? Activities? Money? Other external stresses?

While booze is certainly a problem, sometimes it's not the only problem. An open and frank conversation with a physician or other trusted party can be a great start to figuring yourself out.
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