Thanks EVERYONE!!!

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Thumbs up Thanks EVERYONE!!!

I just wanted to thank everyone on here and for being able to openly talk on the boards here. I have felt very accepted from day one. I almost have 2 weeks in and I owe thanks to all of you for your encouragement and non judgemental posts. And thank you to all for sharing your stories. It helps to know I am not alone. This is such a huge support system for me. And it has helped me to reach out to trustworthy people in my life that have already been down this road for support as well. Thank heaven for google and me googling things to do sober...which brought me to this website. I know lots is going to change in my life and I am starting to get really excited. Even though I am anxious as I have posted several times about the "friends"....this too shall pass.....
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Congratulations on your sober time, freespirit

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I'm glad you have this great motivation about getting life back, Freespirit. You're definitely not alone. I could have made the choice to stop a lot sooner, lots of times. Finally my time to make change for me came up and I grabbed it. I found the site the same way as you, pretty much and there is a lot of help here. Congrats and good for you!
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This is a great site. It's a healthy thing to "use"

Well done on your sobriety.
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I too am grateful to this place for the support and understanding and friendship I find here.

Congrats on your sober time. Keep on truckin'!
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freespirit78 congrats on your time sober.
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FS, your posting mimics exactly the way I feel too.(thankewGodforGoogle)....i am only on Day 3 but this is the most hope i have experienced in years...and lathough i cannot put a pricetag on my life, i do appreciate the fact that there is not a $57K bill being kicked back by my health insurance company too. (which places more physical and pyschol. stress on me and caused me to drink even more).

congrats on your accomplishments and i hope to get there too.
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I could have written that same post. I was googling health issues of alcoholics - not intending to quit - when I found SR. Knowing I wasn't alone anymore gave me the courage to admit what I was and not to be afraid to tell other people in my life. I feel like I have an army of friends surrounding me when I have to face challenges now. Thanks to everyone who helps give us this safe haven.
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This site is AWESOME!!!!!!
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I am like you, in the sense that I have found this website through google, although I was searching for ways to detox at home.

I am extremely grateful for the fact that I came in here, blind like a mouse and you all have seemed to welcome me with open arms.
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