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Rockin, that is great. It's cool that you are stopping almost in unison with your friend. You're right about coming to this site, you will probably identify with all kinds of experiences from all kinds of people who don't know you but were "there." Very valuable support for someone when they quit.
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Hello Jim and rockin, welcome to our family in recovery. Lots of help and support here, it's free so take as much as you'd like
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Welcome and good luck battling the bottle! I too was a closet drinker most days, but I was beginning to be unable to hide it so well...

Originally Posted by bozo123 View Post
One problem I have had reading the posts are those that have a problem with the AA 12 point program and it's religious theme. The so called atheists. An alcoholic (like me) with a whacked out brain has figured out there is no God??? That is beyond stupid. No one can prove there is a higher up but we sure cannot prove there isn't.
Remember that recovery works different for everyone. Faith helped you put the bottle down which is great! For others, including me, faith had nothing to do with it. Us atheists have no proof that there is no god its a belief, as christians, etc have no proof of existing god. Its just what you happen to believe. GOOD LUCK STAYING SOBER!!!!!!!!
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