How old were you when you gave up?

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How old were you when you gave up?

And how much were you drinking at the time? Just curious.
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I was 28 when I got sober, it was a painful withdrawal, I was drinking about a fifth and a half of 100 proof a day. I'm so glad I don't ever have to go through that again.
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I wish I had gotten it sooner. I was 43 when I finally got it. I was drinking up to 4 bottles of wine a day. Oh, well. At least I finally got it. I didn't think I ever would. Thank goodness for hope and a solution.
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Red face

57..average 2x bottles of wine(any time of day)and sometimes..
a few beers if I had
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Welcome ogred

I was 40 and drinking however much beer and cheap wine it took to be blitzed from sunup to bedtime, El C.

I don't miss it.

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I was about 57 but felt 75...
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38. Fifth of vodka with beer back.
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44. My usual week night was a litre and 1/2 of wine and a 1/2 a fifth of rum or vodka. The weekends, well the sky was the limit. I started the day with a vodka and water before I neared the end of my drinking career. I am soooo GRATEFUL that I have no desire to do any of that anymore....
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Got sober at 36. First went to rehab and AA/NA when I was 33 so I was no 90 day wonder. But I still consider myself lucky I didn't take any longer than I did.

I am now 58.
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34. Way too much.

Peace & Love,
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48. Around a 12 pack a day. Every day.

Damn, I'm glad I don't have to do that EVER AGAIN.
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23. 12+ beers everyday for 7 years and a pill addiction in the last year. Extremely thankful to be done with both and grateful to be here.
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Age 43. Drank 12-18 beers per day, EVERY day (even more on the weekends) for nearly 10 years. For the twenty years prior to that, I was mostly a weekend binger. Been sober for nearly 8 months and don't miss it one bit.
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Originally Posted by ElChupacabra View Post
And how much were you drinking at the time? Just curious.
Good Thread ElChupacabra! i was 41 (Almost 42) Drank 1 and a Half or Two Fifths of Whiskey Plus The Morning Beers Everytime i Drank. Hell on Earth it was at the End!
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good thread, especially how much it's not missed, I'm looking forward to that myself
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31. At least a pint of whiskey (if not more, depending), and plenty of cheap beer to accompany. Could be a post work thing, could be an all day thing. Definitely a never again thing.
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I was 40 when I found recovery. During the year leading up to my last drink, I was drinking everyday and most days at 5am in morning because I couldn't leave the house without it. I was an alcoholic trapped in denial for years before it got that bad though.
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28. Up to 12 beers plus roughly half a pint of hard liquor 3-4 nights a week. Won't ever miss it, glad I'm done with that.
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39, but have recently had slips so I'm still working on it (started thinking I was "cured" after about 9 months). I usually only drank every other day because my hangovers were so devastating. Typical day it would be 2 24oz beers or "energy" malt liquors on the way home, then maybe a half pint+ whiskey, then more beer or wine. Basically I would drink anything once I had those 1st two drinks.
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