How old were you when you gave up?

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41. Was drinking 9-12 drinks from mid-afternoon until stumbling into bed around midnight.

I see a number of early-40's on here already. I remember reading somewhere (maybe here) that the age of 42 has a lot of significance in mental health. I wish I could remember the specifics. Does that sound familiar to anyone?
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38. I was drinking a magnum bottle of white wine a night.
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Sober Date 12/21/09
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45, was sometimes drinking a bottle of champagne in the morning to ease the hangover and then a magnum of wine throughout the day and at night. I really don't miss it, either, and I'm so very grateful to have found this site, as for now, it's been all the support I've needed. Thank you SR!
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I'm 45, just one month sober,,,this time!
Drinking every evening around one and a half bottles of wine...approx 12- 15 units
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49 and drinking a little bit more than a pint of 90 proof vodka per day. a little bit more on weekends.

i don't miss it. i love being sober.
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38 - 6 beers, couple of bottles of wine and half a litre of bacardi daily, went to prim and proper psychiatrist last year he said how the **** do you hold down a job which was quite amusing from a little guy of 60 with specs;-)
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45, and I only drank about 4-5 drinks per night four days a week, but it was enough to do the damage.
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One thing I would like to say before I answer.

If you decide you are drinking to much and need to stop, it does not matter how much, how often, or for how long one has drank that determines that it is time to stop for good.

The reason to stop is because of what happens to one when they do drink.

I was 52 when I stopped, for the last 5 years I drank a 12 pack a day simply to maintain a sense of normalcy, a case a day many times. If there was no beer to be had then a 5th of hard stuff or more.

I do recall a day when I ran out of beer and all that was left was a bottle and a half of cooking sherry, hey it did the job!

I am beyond thankful for being sober & becoming the man I am today.
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50. 1-2 bottles of wine a day 4-5 days a week; course I was a total black out drunk so it might have been more and/or more often. stupid me
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Not all better, getting better
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I quit smoking pot at age 40 (about 9 months ago) and was smoking at least an 1/8 of an ounce a day. I stopped drinking completely about a month and a half ago at age 41. I was/am a binge drinker, and usually was good for between 3/4 and a whole liter of rum or whiskey. At my peak I was drinking 3-4 times a week, though by the time I finally quit entirely, I was only drinking once every couple of weeks.
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part time member
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I didn't start having a problem until I was about 46 (kids were 16) and it progressed to a daily fifth of vodka. Glad to be rid of that!
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Lot of blacking out involved in that to be real specific. Sporadic with any drug use by that age.
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43 half bottel off vodka and to large blue wikeds twice a week
untill i stoped taking methadone then it became every day to try and sleep
not drank for 50 or so days and no meth for 8 or 9 monthes
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Drinking on average three or four nights a week and probably ranged from 3-8 drinks on nights I was drinking. It was increasing, however, and I didn't like where my life was headed with booze. Thought it might be a good idea to quit before I approached rock bottom. Just passed nine months, so still a novice...
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I'm 36. I drink/drank? for the last 22 years. On average its been about 4 nights a week between 5-9 drinks an evening.

I hope like hell this is my year to quit..36.
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49 and still trying to quit. My 1st attempt at quitting was about a year ago @ 48 - went 34 days w/o drinking - previous 15 years I was a daily drinker - it progressed from a couple beers to --> 1.75 liter bottle of vodka every 4 days, so about 1/2 fifth per night (3 stout drinks/night, each with about 5 oz. vodka. - 3 drinks got me pretty loopy - if I had a 4th - I was sh%t faced.)

I really need to stop!
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27...or so I hope. Today is my first day sober after falling off the wagon for the ten millionth time.

By the time I decided to quit, I was drinking either a magnum of wine a night (every night) or a pint of rum and a six pack of beer or so. Now that I think about it...what a disgusting combination! I also took pills every night to "help me sleep." I don't know why my heart has never stopped. Thank you, God.
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If this post is genuinely because of just being interested then fine.

BUT is this post conceived as a way to try to give your alcoholic voice ammunition/excuses to rationalise continuing to drink more booze by not being as old or any way near as bad as others?

Just curious thats all.

I was 23 and drinking to blackout everytime I drank. I always drank this way from the first time I drank booze properly at 14. I would often drink a lot more than I thought I did but couldn't remember even drinking it! Once under the influence I was like a man possessed, or so I'm reliably informed, as of course I was in blackout.

If there were 10 cans I would drink them, if there were 20 cans I would drink them all, if there were 30 cans they would all go. You get the picture. Much damage to myself as well as anyone else around me would be caused during this 'fun'

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seeking recovery
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[QUOTE=Tazman53;2517451]One thing I would like to say before I answer.

If you decide you are drinking to much and need to stop, it does not matter how much, how often, or for how long one has drank that determines that it is time to stop for good.

so true, I believe that if it is a problem for YOU than it is a problem.
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48 years old

and i couldn't tell you how much,

just it was just about every 5-10 minutes, or the DT's would set in.

and let me tell you it sucked!

and with 7 years clean and sober next month,

i remember that like it was yesterday...

talk about keeping it green!
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