Sunday morning...

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Sunday morning...

I won't go into all the details of my drinking and periods of sobriety in the past. Just wanted to say thanks for this site which I have been reading a lot over the last 2 weeks.

It's Sunday morning and I didn't have a drink last night, today is day 13 sober and it feels GOOOOD

My wife was out with friends last night, I had my mate staying over (we usually get hammered together) - he was drinking, my wife was drinking but I had no desire to do the same. Lots of crisps coke and pizza (L-Glutamine and vitamins!).

I woke up knowing I had not offended or hurt anyone, hadn't wet myself, nothing bad in fact. All good.

Anyway, thanks all

Just need to keep going a day at a time.

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Good to see you! From a fellow Englishman!!

One day at a time indeed... "just for today I will not drink" I have over 7 months sober and clean with that philosophy now. That allows you to work on your 'recovery'.

Something that I picked up thismorning that kind of somes alcoholism up for me is that it's a "thinking" not a "drinking" problem. I use AA, SR and much wisdom from elsewhere too.

Peace and Love xxx
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Congratulations Stu.
The first few weeks are the jardest and you are doing great.
Keep it up.
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Welcome to SR Stu

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Stu, It's great to have you here with us. You have an upbeat attitude and that's important. When I came crawling into SR I was miserable and didn't dream I'd ever feel otherwise. My friends here proved I could live again without my crutch.

Keep coming back & tell us how it's going for you! We care.
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Hi Stu and welcome,

Sunday mornings without a hangover are bliss Well done.

Are you working any programme of recovery?
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Welcome! It's great to see that you joined this site. I know it has helped me immensely - without it there is no way I would have stayed sober for as long as I have.
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Welcome! Glad you are here!
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Thanks for the welcomes folks - sorry for delay in replying but I had no internet for a few days.
Intention, yes I am working the programme and I know it works when you keep at it!

Neomarxist, I am a Scottish person living below the wall ha ha, but since I have been here most of my adult life I have no problem being a fellow Englishman although I am sure my Scottish friends and family might have something to say about that lol

Thanks again.

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what is L- Glutamine? I keep reading about it here...(not to confuse it with Glucosimine).

congrats on your progress! i hope to get to that point, I'm working on Day 3.
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Hi Fandy,

If you Google L-Glutamine alcohol cravings you will get loads of info. You get it from health food places. I take 1000mg once a day but it depends on the individual. Took me a bit of trial an error to get to this. I find it really helps with the cravings, making them much more managable. No need for the old white knuckles any more.

First one that came up.

Reducing alcohol craving
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