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Who would have thought that accepting that I'm an alcoholic would have been able to make me feel like I've been given a totallly new lease of life?

It seems quite a common theme that accepting oneseelf as an alcoholic can be such a troublesome thing. But as long as I'm a 'recovering' alcoholic then it's all gravy!

In some ways I'm actually pleased that I am an alcoholic as it's enabled me to see the beauty in most things. I also feel so grateful too which is a great feeling.

I guess when getting out of bed was a real challenge then anything seems something to be grateful for!!

Grateful to be a recovering alcoholic!

peace and love xxx
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In reading the difference in your posts from May of last year to the present, I think you've come a remarkably long way, Neo. Pretty nice progress, my friend.
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Who would have thought that anyone would say they are grateful to be an alcoholic?

My sponsor asked me the other day if I would trade the way I am feeling now for all the things I wanted in my life and couldn't get when I was drinking.

My answer was immediately No.

You can't beat this feeling. I am grateful too.
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<sigh> isn't it awsome. :-) I got to experince that again this week. As Alanon kicked my co-dependant butt!!

I'm right where you are, just found it AGAIN - Somewhere unexpected. :-)
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Great post, Neo! I know how you are feeling, as I experience very similar things right now. Rebirth is the perfect way to describe it.
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