Another's my story...

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Another's my story...

I am 31, and I didn't have my first drink until I was about 21. For awhile there I was the ultimate party girl. But then things changed and I was just a weekend drinker, but sometimes not even at all for awhile. Recently things have been really good. I rarely drink and dont feel the need to drink and can go weeks with out. But then something comes up with my social circle of friends - someone's bday and then it's PARTY TIME. I don't always get hungover so that is not an issue. I just don't like my behavior that comes with drinking.
I have been reading around on this board and it has been very helpful.
My bf and I have made a decision together not party anymore, frankly we just feel way too old to stillo being doing it. But then I got to thinking and that's all that my friends really do, everything revolves around drinking. I noticed because of that in the last couple of years i have declined invitations to hang out with them. sadly I think like others have said I am going to have to close myself off from them because I no longer chose to live that way, even if it is only once a month. My bf and I were thinking about what we can do with all that extra money.
I hope none of you feel like I shouldn't be on here but I am looking for people to chat with and listen to their stories to help me progress in my personal lifestyle change.
I have already started looking into things to do other than drink...lately we have watched a LOT of movies and spent time with our dogs.
I am going to look into cooking classes for couples and get back into walking again.
Thanks to all or any that have read my post today. feels good to type some of this out....
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Welcome to SR

This is a good place for support, and I hope you stay around some and continue to post.

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Thank you!! I am glad that I found this site. I do plan to stick around here. It seems very encouraging and motivating for me to make good choices in life. AA is not for me personally...instead I turn to church. But I think this site could be my form of AA.
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Congrats on deciding on a sober lifestyle. Yes, you'll save money and eliminate risk by not drinking. You may well have to stay away from your drinking friends. Those who are truly your friends will not question you, they will support you. Those who were only drinking buddies will drift away.

Do whatever you need to do to stay sober. Come here for support, advice, and information. That's what we're here for!

I'm glad you joined our recovery family!
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Welcome to SR Freespirit.

I think that anyone that thinks they are better off not drinking belongs here.
It is good to see that you are wanting a better life before alcohol has caused you any major problems.
Good luck in your quest.
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Thanks least! It's something I have been really working on for he last 6 months, re-evaluating things. Yes, my drinking buddies from my past have already drifted away. But then the core group of friends are still around but I think it's best for me to distants myself from them. This is a decision that my bf and I have made together and will support each other with it. We have been drinking a lot less and have gained an appreciation for waking up hang over free!! Life is soooooo much better!!
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Thanks Fubarchn, I did start to cut back 2 years ago because I personally felt like it was affecting my job....but then there was still the weekends, but that hangover free waking up feel is soooooo much better.
I am hoping to use this site as an outlet and place of support.
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Hi and welcome. Glad you could join us.
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Hi Free. Caught you on another thread, but found this one. Officially welcoming you to SR. You have found a great place for support. Don't worry about where you are in your level of drinking. Just like AA, we don't throw you out if you don't pass the alcoholic test. You have a desire to stop drinking and you want to develop a non-drinking lifestyle. This place will help.
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Welcome freespirit

Read around, and you'll find there are lots of folks just like you here
Looking forward to seeing you post some more


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Good life choice! I'm betting you find new friends with new interests and you and your fella's lives will take an amazing new direction
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Thanks everyone. I have only been on this board today and have found a great support within this. Looking back I see how I have made small baby steps to change...and now I can finally say okay yeah I am done. I have already started to look for fun things for my boyfriend and I to do instead of drinking. He loves to cook and has mentioned cooking classes, so I think that could be a fun activity to do together. The funny thing is a month ago we went on a mini vacation together and barely drank at all. It seems we let drinking be influenced by others...instead of our own choice.
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Dee74, Thank you! I have been reading around which has been helpful....
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Just had a great idea come over me!! I am going to suggest going to church this weekend to my boyfriend. I looked some up online to see where and what kind are out there near us. I had planned on suggesting church when we move into our own place because it will be near my old church. I know he is not a fan of getting up early sooooo the one that seemed to be the best fit has a saturday evening service...YAY!!! Hope that he is agreeable to this.
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