7 Months!

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7 Months!

7 Months Sober!!

Peace and Love xxx
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Good for you!
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bona fido dog-lover
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That's great!
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Cool! Keep it up Neo!
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fantastic neomarxist.....i'll be at 5 months tomorrow so when i started 5 months ago you are one of the folks i so wanted to be like.

woohoo for you my brutha. i find it getting easier every day. i can't wait to hit my 6 month mark and have half a freakin' year sober.

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CONGRATULATIONS NEO!...................
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Congrats on 7 Months Neo!! Well Done!!
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Thumbs up

7 Months is Great! Keep At it!!!
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Happy clean and sober 7 months birthday, Neo!

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Neo - that is so awesome! What an inspiration you are to all of us!!!
Congrats! Thank you for all of your insights along the way - please keep sharing them...
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Congratulations you!! Great job!
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Great job Neo! Thanks for the inspiration and congrats.
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Don't resist, allow
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Congratulations Neo. :day2
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Congrats, Neo!
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not little, a stranger no more
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Yay for you Neo! That's awesome, enjoy it! And thanks for all the insightful posts.

We have both quit on an 8th, so it's always easy to remember
Have a great day Neo!
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WOO HOO NEO!!!!!! I have no doubt that in five more months we'll be celebrating your year. No pressure.

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