Working on day 3

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Working on day 3

Hi all, the end of today, will mark the end of day 3 for me. Day one went really well, I think mainly because I was so tired from the Insomnia of day 0. Yesterday and today have been marked anxiety though, which, from reading various postings seems to pass. I can't wait for that!! I have been exercising though, and that helps, along with playing with my child. Staring down the barrel of a Friday night is a good test as well, for Fridays usually involved a 12 pack of beer. But, I know I have a strong resolve and will see it through, just HATE the edgyness (poor spelling I know!). How long did it take for the edge and anxiety to dull for some of you? Take care all, and keep strong
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Congratulations first for your 3 days. I can't tell you when exactly the edge and anxiety dulled for me. I can tell you it was awhile before the weekends took on new meaning and there wasn't the call to drink as there once was. I now look forward to family time and things I can do now that I DON'T drink. Didn't realize how much it prevented me from enjoying life. I was an at home drinker and not someone who went out to drink and so I literally was confined to the home while chasing this addiction around. Life is far more simpler and so are my weekends. Enjoy your child. I think the relationship will take on a whole new meaning. Mine did with my child. Take care.
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Congrats on day 3 dave.

It takes different times for different people I think...the way I look at it I didn't become an alcoholic overnight, so it's gonna take a bit more than a few days to feel 'normal' again.

Hang in there - it gets better
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For me, the first few days were the worst. After that started to feel better, less edgy, less agitated. Hang on tight to us and any recovery program out there that you're comfortable with. You can do this. It will get better.
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Congrats on day 3! I'm new in recovery well (day 4), and know exactly how you're feeling!
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Stopdrinkdave, your rest will help. I hope you can sleep as much as you need.

Also for me, and I am very new too, remembering that acronym HALT (hungry angry lonely tired) does help; I have noticed that my cravings are always tied to either being emotional (angry/frustrated) or lonely or tired.

Meetings are key. Actually crucial, for me, I have learned.

And try to stay busy! Even just baking choc chip cookies or playing with the kiddo or the dog - that helps!

And this forum really rocks! Everyone here is really supportive :-D

Congrats and keep coming back.
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Originally Posted by stopdrinkdave View Post
How long did it take for the edge and anxiety to dull for some of you?
I will let you know when it happens

However, I have much less anxiety now from the perspective that I no longer have to worry if my boss has noticed that I am hungover, or if I still wreak of booze when I go into work the next day. I don't have to worry about the drunk texts I sent the night before, or who I offended because the booze turned me into an @ss.

I am finding the urge to drink has subsided a lot. I still get it, and probably always will to some degree. But as time progresses, so do I, and each day is a little easier than the last. This week (week #3) is where I have really noticed my progress.

Accepting that I will have bad days has also helped. Bad days are a necessary part of life. The difference is that I am retooling myself and finding better ways to manage and overcome my bad days.

It is hard to say when your edge and anxiety will dull, as each person has a different chemistry and different life experiences that contribute to how you feel. But I am pretty sure that at some moment you will come to the realization that things are better than they were. It is at that moment that you will know that going down the rocky road you have just started travelling has been worth the journey, and then some.
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Congratulations. Especially on exercising I am on Day 8 and all I want to do is sleep sleep sleep. I am definitely enjoying family time more and we are about to go out for the day. I am just so happy to not be hungover. I wasn't hungover every day before, but enough for it to be part of a regular routine in my life. I feel free and very optimistic. I have almost done a meeting a day in the last week, its hard to make the time. I never had a problem finding time to run to the store and drink though, so I really have no excuse
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