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new to site

Hey, I am new here. Looking for some people that are going through and trying to do what I am doing. I am working on quitting alcohol. I am tired of the insomnia, (hence its 3:51 am), the depression, and anxiety that I feel anymore after drinking. I started drinking when I was 13, now 27, 50% of my life drinking. Last spring, I suffered a awful panic attack after a very long night drinking, and since then I no longer feel the stereotypical "hangover", now my thoughts, sleep, and outlook are affected. I feel great and pretty much normal and upbeat again after 5-6 days of not drinking, but then I fall back and drink 6-7 beers after work, and heavier on weekends, and back to feeling awful. I want to stop feeling like that, regain my confidence, and upbeat outlook on things. Sorry such a long post, have to tell someone! Thanks
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Hey and Welcome Dave!

This site has been an important part of my recovery. Nothing like having people who have been where you've been and are going where you want to go.

I drank from age 15 to age 40, have been sober for the past 7 years and I don't regret one day of recovery. I can't say that about the previous 25 years. Stay the course in recovery and you won't regret it either.
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Hey Dave, Congrats on deciding to quit. I understand the not being not being able to sleep part completley, that's how I am(only day 4 though). I just let it pass, did not get mad at not being able not to sleep, watched tv untill I feel asleep. Ask your doc about the anxiety and depresion. As I know my drinking had alot to do with, im sure of self medicating. Good luck, and keep posting how it goes!!!
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Hi Dave

Welcome to SR and thanks so much for your bravery in posting...
You have helped me today... reminded me of what it used to be like for me...
When i drank i was usually on top of the world... could chat to folk... i could never really speak to folk when i was sober... drinking i thought helped me with that...

The only problem was when i was coming off the drink.. the hangovers were bad...

Eventually i pretty much became a blackout drinker... even started happening after my 2nd pint and then the next morning the anxiety attacks became crippling... the only way i could get through them and get on wth my day was by taking another drink..

I made the decision not to live like that anymore... i stopped drink... it was really hard at first... still is some days now as my head likes to tell me i can drink... but i cant...
An amazing thing happened to me last night... from a person who couldnt talk to people while sober... i sat in front of 20 people and spoke last night... NEVER would i thought i could do that... but i can... thats just one of the gifts sobriety has given me..

Please stick around... read, post... join the community here... you are not alone in this.. we do understand

Welcome and take care
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welcome glad you found sr.
looking foward to your future posts.
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Hi Dave

For a first step you can do a lot worse than go and get checked out by your doctor - then take it a day a time...make a commitment not to drink on a given given day, then the next day....

You'll find a lot of support here to help you through, and a lot of guidance on support plans and strategies

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Welcome to SR Dave.
Congrats on taking the big first step.
I used to have the same pattern as you.
Off for a few days then back on again then off for a couple more. Repeat.
I am glad that I broke that habit. Life is much better for me.
Good luck in your quest.
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I used to drink to bury my depression and anxiety. It didn't really help, just made it worse. Now that I'm sober my antidepressants help a lot cause I'm not drowning them in wine. And I no longer have that 'after drinking' anxiety and feeling sick. No more wasted money or wasted time. I can enjoy my life sober, and have eliminated a lot of risk just by not drinking.

Welcome to SR! We're here to offer you support and information to help you get and stay sober. I'm glad you joined us!
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Welcome Dave

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Hi Dave and welcome

Every time I drank and passed out I would wake a few hours later and be unable to sleep all night.......I would be anxious, heart racing. I spent many lonely nights like this.

Now I am sober I have learned that this is what happened when my blood alcohol level dropped a few hours after drinking......I was having withdrawal symptoms - that had never occurred to me.

Now I am sober the anxiety has gone and I am sleeping again.

The problem with a big panic attack is that it can make you feel frightened just thinking about it. When you feel frightened you produce adrenaline and that makes you anxious, then you produce more, then you start to have a panic attack and then you really are pumping adrenaline and you feel like you are going to die as it races through your body. Alcohol affects the nervous system and just makes this worse.

I got sober using the 12 Steps of AA. Have you thought of going to a meeting?
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Hi Dave, welcome

As well as all the others who have spoken up, I had pretty bad anxiety and depression towards the end of my drinking. After I quit and made some positive changes in my life, they went away. Some people need antidepressants or other meds as well, but your doctor could advise best on that.

I'm glad you're here - stick around and you'll see there are many others in the same situation as you.
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I can relate

About how it had started to affect my sleep, totally sucks. I'm only on Day 3 right now but I am already sleeping better. Hang in there, it gets better. I started drinking at 16 and I am almost 35 now, wow, that means over half my life was spent drinking, sometimes as a binge drinker and later on just as an every lovely. Anyways, welcome.
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Glad you're here, Dave!
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