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is anyone there?
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Hi Kelly

Welcome to SR.
How can we help?

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Hey! What's up?
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We Do Recover
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Hi Kelly! Welcome to SR!
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Welcome - we are all here, at some time....

Chat is live if you need someone to talk to straight away.....

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Welcome to SR Kelly (:

How are you?
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Hi! Welcome, Kelly...

What's going on?

Take care & be safe,
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Hi Kelly! How's it going?
We're all here at various times. The beautiful part of online. We can slip and and out so easily. On one minute and then off the next. Cyberspace is so huge, but a lot of fun!!
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Welcome to SR. Lots of information for you here. Lots of people here. Like CQ said people are in and out all the time.
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Hi Kelly and welcome. We are here when you want to talk.
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Hopefully you'll come back, Kelly. We're ready to listen and help however we can.
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I know I shouldn't, but I always feel badly for the people who are here, that actually signed up but never come back. Take for instance KellyHarper...she/he signed up and actually wrote something. I can actually see this person in my mind sitting at their computer thinking about whether they should sign up or not. And then they do and then they actually write something and people write back and then nothing....I wish all these people well. I hope that they can get the help that I think that they really want and need but are too afraid to reach out.
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SR is a really good place for information and we have
a lot of members waiting to give you support Kelly

How can we help you?
Please hust say what is happening ...just a few lines will do...

Welcome .....
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Yep all waiting to try and help.
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We're here to offer you support and information. What's going on?

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