first night out on biz.........It Blew!

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first night out on biz.........It Blew!

So, it wasn't like I wanted to, or even thought about drinking.......wasn't the case at all.

So I meet a business associate at the bar of a restaurant (yea, I know, not the best spot at 29 days.......but I've struck many a Great deal there before) he asks me if I'm on the wagon...due to that fact I order a diet pepsi (and wtf.........I tell him no!!??)

that I just wanted a pop???!! really D??!!

So I end up feeling so darned uncomfortable I couldnt believe it (they all sit around and slam down beers) finally (and I do mean finally they ask it I am ready to be seated at a table) spoze?? we ate.....and the evening couldnt have ended fast enough for me. I dont know what really brought on my spazz.......but it was goin on.
So we leave, and I comment to my husband who was there about the wagon comment, and worse response. He suggests (yea...HE suggests) I should have just told him the "truth"

Ohhh Crap I blow an original gasket! "the truth"??

which truth would you have me tell the whole world??

1)the one about me being nothing but a drunken alcoholic
2) or that thank god our deals are all later put in writing cause god knows I didn't remember them
3) how I black out 10 out of 10 times drinking
4) how I've screwed up mine and all the lives I've touched??
ya mean those truths??????

so the man who has put up with this drunken thing for over 28 years........simply looks at me and says .......
"how about that you quit drinking"??


silence the rest of the way home outta me an my psycho mouth!.......

ok, maybe I'm not in any sort of comfort zone in life yet... Its still early in the game though.......and I'm a player~here for the duration
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Hi Din,

There are some tough moments in early recovery.

I could not, without question, be around people who were drinking alcohol when I was in early recovery.

And, the question of 'why aren't you drinking?' really, really, really irritates me! I don't want to lie, I don't have any desire to tell my 'story', so I say nothing. It's nobody's business and I don't owe anyone an explanation.

I hope your next business meeting goes better for you!
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Hi din,

Man, that would have been hard for me! Regardless of your feeling right now, I hope you remember one very, very important truth - you didn't drink! That is a huge victory for the day and I hope you hold on to that blessing.

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gory details to anyone are not required.....ever.

Next about going late and leaveing early?
If anyone is rude enough to ask personal questions
try a smile and change the subject back to business.

Relax....most people don't give a darn about your
choice of a beverage......

I would imagine your business deals are better
done with a clear head anyway.
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thanks )) all........

actually it will! (and I am so VERY happy I laid some ground work on this one) live and learn right??
My Ohio gang comes out next of them emailed to say what time the meeting was, and we would do the "regular" cocktail date after wards. I emailed him back (because for some odd the couple of times I had met this guy (new to the group) I didn't think he had drank. So I emailed him back and asked him...all I get back in response is a "nope" (literally that was the only word he wrote) well, I spilled my guts..told him I was 29 days sober, and wasn't sure of how I was going to react to any situation that might come up...and wanted to have something intelligent to say besides "hit me!"...a few more bla..bla...bla (too much info lines) .......and then I hit send! OMG I so wanted and wished I could UNDO that!!

I a matter of minutes I get a (YES, I am dead serious!!) an email back from Him saying:

Good for you & congratulations!

AA has been saving my life “One day at a time” for 11+ years now & today’s going ok, too, so far.
I could have just crap myself right then and there! (he works for my mentor), so it is a BIG deal for me and this particular meeting.

how absolute freaky is that??
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Din, it's freaky, but ya know what - I removed a few people from my life on Day 1 of my sobriety, and almost immediately, two amazing women showed up and shared their spiritual journeys with me. It wasn't a coincidence!
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Thanks for sharing Din - I love to see that freaky coincidence stuff

As for The Question - you owe noone no explanations....'no thanks', or 'I don't drink' is a perfectly reasonable response IMO.

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